Saturday, August 19, 2017

guy who acts like a Ruiner deserves a proper ruining

..asking for a cigarette,this “type” always Needs ,always takes.,as if this “voice of god technology or whatever “ so called warning to the world meant not only gibberish but nothing whatsoever ,the apocalyptic up in arms ranting from just seconds ago now played second fiddle to his mundane need for nicotine.

Supposedly loonies like cigarettes ,supposedly smoking calms the dopamine or something in their lunatic heads I had read somewhere.Briefly I considered, that to an onlooker,camera,or passerby I too might be mistaken for a loon because of my nasty habit,the nasty habit I had originally joined Neuronautics to be free of.Neuronautics however taught me that this was,for now, the least of my problems. And perhaps I would give up nicotine when I reached Level 6

I reached into my pack and briefly hope for some reason that the bum was impressed with my brand, for I did not assume the bum took me for a “menthol man”.I handed the bum a cigarette and even made sure I grazed my hand upon his ,to show him I was not repelled by his repulsiveness.For this I expected some kind of gratitude but receiving none I for reasons that only my Mentor could decipher , handed the ingrate a second cigarettes perhaps to show the bum that I understood that his plight

He accepts the cigarette and points to the sky.And than to a small clean white computer he removes from his stinky jacket.A fine ,expensive computer one would not expect scum such as this to have..He points to the computer and than to my head. And than to his headset.

As if I am supposed to make some kind of sense out of his gesticulation.

He opens his mouth loud and studies small unreadable text on his computer that I cannot help but peak at.He laughs wildly ..

I am suddenly scared ,i see small x-ray type of readings on his computer.

MRIs or something of glowing purple and yellow brains and brain waves

I pick up my coffee from the side walk and make a move to walk around him

He places his dirty hand on my shoulder

He is not done pontificating,this type,never is...

He wants to write on me like a facebook wall.

He wants to pollute my brain with his madness and Enrot

as if, what he says, somehow matters

a guy like him

They think Tiger Blood
will save the calif-form-ya economy
Tiger Blood is
The Singularity!

think of one corporation or industry that doesn't want a slice of the New Way of silent unseen communications?

he makes a theatrical pantomime of putting on reading glasses and studies the text on his computer

"I graze the bum's hand to show my lessor i am not repulsed by his repulsiveness ,"he says , grasping my palm in his,than he reels into me ,and whispers into my ear

If they get sick of you,if you bore them,if you are found lacking in soul or merit they will sell your neural data and your mind to Parasol Pictures as fodder You will live out your days not being mentored or challenged but used as chattel a living TV set ,you will be burdened with random images and meaningless ads till ,your eyes no longer really see and your ears no longer really hear..,you will be penned in by sound and image as your mind grows weak and your reactives to stimuli only measured for marketing and testing will be nothing. you will wish you were dead.

you will wish is was schizophrenia
instead of
Synth-O -Phrenia my friend

he begins singing,"he knows if you been naughty .he knows if you be nice
he knows if you been bad or good so be good for goodness sake"

the Loony 's demeanor changes ,

he looks as if he is channeling something..

he looks this way and that ,as if he sees things I cannot

as if he is reading from some projected screen invisible except to him

the feeling while listening to him goes from annoyance
to one of awe ,as whatever he is "reading" or reading from
knows things about things nobody could possibly know
...I picture video cameras ,hidden microphones,the stuff of bad television detective shows hidden around my dingy apartment
when he begins talking about my cowlick..

.“you spend too much time preening it's fucking it up for all your fans..and let me tell you there aren't many left..and sometimes we let some of these not so happy subscribers on headset as they don't feel that you're trying very hard...and you don't want unhappy subscribers wearing this headset spent 7 .8 minutes moving that cowlick back and forth back and forth,on headset THEY watch the forelock go back and forth back and forth ,you ,according to Parasol Pictures with some kinda intent stupid , ugly look on your face ...Why you always lookin at yourself in The Mirror ,,they wanna this preening and moving of that cowlick ,that fucking forelock bacck and forth with hair gel is Ruining Point of View and Suspension of Disbelief ,your Mandlers want to see the world through your eyes ,they don't wanna see your god damned face all but destroys the continuity of this story line you call a life, also your mandler feels that the focus and concentration you spend on your hair gel has never once been demonstrated during any other activity in your life...which is why I was told to warn you...of how bad things can get if you continue to "mock the mentors"in this manner anymore.They suggest a buzz cut and perhaps a beveled mirror”

The bum has sucked me into his Enrot,his lunacy and also placed
a camera in my bathroom somehow!

He touches the gadget on his head
as if he were a swami.
a guru

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Yuppie Top?, he corrects me.,"that's your demographic kiddo..."

"Trust me Chippy , there is no camera in your bathroom,you're 37 years old ,you don't work out , sexually you do nothing for any of your current sponsors.Also ,you are not a likable man,your emotional reading are Narcissistic.brooding ,dark...tedious
and plain old mean...your thoughts since exiting the donut shop towards me for instance...your Mandlers are thinking it might be fun to kill you off,get a nice neural intensity read ,they can use shit like that
in ways you don;t wanna know muffin man

he taps on his temple,on his head gear while scrolling down his computer
somehow he knows and repeats verbatim every significant or insignificant thought I had had since I had woken up that morning
,entire phrases,
snippets of trivial matter,
a laundry list of what i once thought,once believed could only EVER be
private chatter.

“what are you an angel or something?”I ask,"

“in the scheme of things I am the equivalent of a census taker”the bum says”

they need a cross section of the population you see.

To get it to work

to get some kind of “variety of thought”

how else you gonna break someone mind .spirit and soul without a cross section of “types”

how else you gonna convince some detainee or whatnot he has no arms or legs without

practice practice practice

on all sorts of personality types

but it's also about television
and the SING-U LAR-ITY!!
one day
one day soooooner thasn you think Chippy
they'll be able to toss your Essense of Being into some Hologram
for the rich
for the famous
for the nightmare!
for the Paradise...
right now they're just playing with the buttons,kicking the tires,setting homeostats
it's something they do to
people they don't care for round Cali-Form-ya.
cause it ain't easy having one's mind ripped into bytes and Pieces

..specially for you whitebread types..You're neither good nor bad,nor are you crazy enough to be of use for either a “happening” or a recorded neural “mindfuck”..

you're neither hot enough nor strange enough for a good vicarious sexual interface no matter which way that cowlick gels

..right now they're just collecting thoughts comes the Impart ...where they can put thoughts in.
Yes Viginnnnnnia they can do that
you Look to me like a jumper.
.. You will soon hear things
. see things
NANO NANO " He says giving me a quick salute

your Mandler is pissed "The Loony says reading his computer"He had 80$ on a glazed donut

and you bought yourself a cinnamon donut..

sometimes up to fifty thou rides on such choices

you're not a very interesting guy

you're not good TV

intraneural TV or otherwise

"TV "he says dreamily",the ultimate detainee

the ultimate restraint

the ultimate keeper of the calm on the homefront is these times of such restless trouble trouble trouble..."

"Hey," i say "If your not an angel...I know!I KNOW!"I scream ,suddenly joyous,like I have been "Punk'D ,only with head gear .. You're a Neuronaut,advanced level 8!!!I heard THEY could read minds.."

I had heard talk about higher levels of Neuronautics

where one literally communes with outside forces beyond this realm

about being truly “linked” to Gary Rainy's neuralities that had been recorded on over 31 DAS and ROM diskettes from 1983 to 1989

I am saving for the Neuronautics Lifestyles Mentorship Course while I had heard the upper levels of Neuronautics could be very intrusive concerning one's personal bio

I had no idea it was so instructive and complete that actual nano chips were used for cleansing

suddenly I was reaffirmed and reinvigorated with my decision to allow Neuronautics into my heart and Beingness

flattered that THEY cared THAT much about my selfhood to help me in such thoroughness

that their Duty To save me and the world

were that deep...

and these fools who wrote books and appeared on talk shows blathering on about The Lie of Neuronautics and the Ponzi schematics of advanced Level 8 and the sheepish ,infantile beliefs of possible communion with Other Forces not of this world
this wondrous street person
presented to me
giving ME
in fact

and I must say I had doubts myself about levels 5 through 8

and was dubious of accounts of connections with higher neuralities not of this world but the world of Gary Rainy

so far

My mind only linked to Neuronautics through my studies and administrative mentors who I have always allowed complete access to both my private assessments and self aggrandisements and self referential thinking taught to me by THEM

so they might to fix my mind and shape it towards “The New Way”of Knowing Without Knowing so beyond and above Old World, Old Way conventions and ground bound entanglements

The bum 's mouth was agape,

"do you not understand or truly appreciate what they have done to you?"The Loony says

"What they have Done to ME Brother! What they Have done FOR ME!what they will do to us all i hope !TO SAVE US FROM OURSELVES!" I shouted hugging the homeless piece of human vermin .Not caring if the cameras,passers by or Ruiners saw me melt even further into THE NEW WAY!
January 14, 2013
i post my last entry
and feel my mood sink to 5 Hz
an animae ninja appears in a in the corner of the room
which presumably is supposed to warn me that the previous entry was Mutinous
and perhaps I should consider taking it down
I feel a small pain in my arm where one of my inserts has beveled itself,this pain seems to be it's only function
I refuse to take down the entry
after all this presumably is fiction isn't it
but the animae is replaced by an overlap of THE Winkies sign and the light hearted rendered visual is replaced by a cerebral overlap of the homeless man behind the garbage receptacle.I am once again the bad guy in "the story"the story that was once simply a typical Monday morning..I wonder if Universal,or Sony know that they have co-coped David Lynch"s "Mulholland Drive"as their master reel
..OWW I think,hoping and not hoping Evan can feel my pain..and let the run off thought that maybe "Mulholland Drive" was written for and by THEM for this very purpose-
Know it The Fuck Off Little Brother EVAN snides,
I must be careful not to let the seven second Neural Runoff snowball into "one of those days",as Evan ports that what happens in Domus stays in Domus and how many times have I been told that "going that specific" about the Process and Intellectual Property programs such as "Reflectives" are "giving IT away",that which is not mine to give..I am in trouble whether they let this infraction pass or not,a dream,a Hz,a morph
KNock it Off NOW
a Flash Memory takes over my nervous system and there is a palpable integration of humiliations based on "jimmy likes to tell,jimmy likes to talk"that for the 30 seconds is so compressed that That Style of thinking like a gossiping school girl faggit is the core of my very being,although I cannot help but notice one or two illustrations of my Ruinerness seem to be someone else's as I notice a sequence of "jimmy likes to talk" takes place in a Winn-Dixie supermarket
I have not been in this much trouble since I made the assumption that being a Intraneural protege " of the New Way meant I might have a hand in The Way when
Evan becomes president..or hospitalized when I jokingly tried to introduce the notion on Facebook of a Pay Pal president,running for online pay pal vice president (also jokingly)my main running point being getting rid of pennies,flying cars and legalized cocaine


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