Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Use of Radio-Frequency Power in Making Lesions in the Brain* ..l Saul Aronow, Ph.D.1959

MATTEW excused himself from "group" when he saw MISS KINYON smile.
MRS. KINYON always smiled when "that thing" happen to his face MATHEW went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.
He looked different.He felt the all too familiar tingling along side his jaw,nose,eyes.
When this happened he looked horrible
When he told DR. STEIN about what he called "morphing" DR. STEIN told him this complaint was one he was familiar with.
In "fact' ,according to STEIN the sense of one's appearance changing was a secondary symptom of schizophrenia
STEIN upped his dose of neuroleptics to help him with the delusion.
3 weeks earlier MATHEW had been given an MRI that according to DR. STEIN required a special dye be injected into his arm.
That was how much STEIN wanted to ease MATHEW's mind that there was nothing going on except in his own mind.
The LIDA machine in the clinic buzzed without buzzing
sang without singing.
DR. EISEN told him the LIDA machine was like an air freshener
to clients who were brave enough to seek help.
MATHEW left the bathroom,his face numb,his palate clicking rhythmically.He would sit closer to the machine.
He would empower himself.In this way and fight his "Stinkin' Thinkin'"

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