Sunday, August 20, 2017

weapon of choice

and it was taking place-in no prison- but one's body
the wardens completely aware the "POW" would use the one thing they believed might get their message across
-the most useless means of communication ever invented for message dispersal
the personal computer.
unless of course one was in a position to  decide what was TRENDING and what was not
what was true or not
what was HIP or Not..
and still we kept going
kept typing
fully aware the words were indeed being read...understood and cataloged
as nothing but "just one more thing" concerning the research ..
"I lost it a long ,long time ago ," Denny Pace wrote,' only hate kept me wanting to wake up at all
the knowing ONE DAY I would have the energy and wherewithal to 'Take One with Me"
could you imagine what a find Kimmie Baker  was for "the movement"
we gave not a flying fuk if she herself was "easter egg" to frame the efficacy of weapons
Her hypergraphic Tweets
Swollen face -the edema so severe one barely could recognize her
her talk of "chips"- confusing synthetic telepathy for something so much more
then a drug bottled in a sine wave-
her Sour Patch became our context
and her brand of push the button our weapon of choice

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