Sunday, August 20, 2017

Little Miss

The application of 120 Hz pulse trains times at 2 seconds duration was applied day one at Brenda Sharpe for 30 minutes. The following day 25 pulse trains were sent in a four hour study period. Electrical stimulation was continued during Brenda's mid term exam. We noted behavioral changes induced by the direct energy though transient and bearable made Brenda unwilling to keep an appointment with close friend ,according to phone records she was "not feeling quite herself "

Jim Bloom
May 11

BRENDA - Beauty contests?
IVY - Something like that. She died.
BRENDA- Oh I'm so sorry
IVY - She died for the right reasons ,so many die for the wrong ones
BRENDA - I'm confused
IVY - Oh dear .I do go on so when meeting new people.What's your major?
BRENDA - Computational Biology
IVY - Oh my, sounds so serious
BRENDA - Oh not really. What's yours ..Your major?
IVY - Public Relations. sounds so frivolous...compared to you.But I assure you it isn't...

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