Tuesday, August 15, 2017


TRU CHRISTIE speaks to a group of "NEURAL ENGINEERS" at a boardroom table.

TRU - We rely entirely on the Self Reporting
we are assured that none of the participants will  describe the actual day to day as it relates to anything that does not minimize the intrusion

We have chosen only those who have shown pathology that will not permit them to diminish their perceived  and perverted sense of importance ,worth and merit.

The participants have already displayed "borderline traits"  of "Dignity Digging" by  masking prior precipitated psychiatric problems with drug use.
The participants have vetted Pervasive Personality Disorders  enmeshed-and/ or -pre-conditioned and we are assured  that they would rather be viewed as "meth freak" then- mental patient
Two birds ,one stone.The subjects themselves will hyper -stylized the testing..
Grandiosity .Attention Seeking. The narratives will be self serving.
The subjects will do anything to gear the topic away from anything they feel stigmatizes them..

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