Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Police Commisioner Gordo the Ero creates Counter Survey Program


RIVIC ROARK is in MAX FATE's office.

RIVIC -Lose the 'G' and the 'H' and you'll never have to work again.

From FATE's point of view we go CLOSE on the computer screen which reads-


MAX - If i lose the 'G' and the 'H' I'll probably never be able to work again if I wanted to. Only 12 % of Gothamites get the Gotham Gazette in print and most people are aware typesetting is not how text is printed. I can't just say someone left out the 'G' and the 'H" from some old fashion typesetting set up and certainly cannot say the same mistake was printed twice on an online newsfeed.

RIVIC - For $600,000 I'd say you can say anything you want. If you like ,when the subject comes up you can say you had personal gripe against Jim and we'll pay court costs and settlement. James Gordon will not bring it to court if he does he'd be an idiot. Over and over the words "Gordo the Ero" will come up.

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