Sunday, August 20, 2017

Break You In

Me and XXXX go down in the basement ...he wants to show me how to make a microwave transmitter ...that we can aim at the people down the street XXXX.....XXXX says if we're careful..we can adjust the waves(the microwaves) to not HURT these people physically but just psychologically as XXXX says he is sure "these faggits down the street from us put a nail in his car tire .XXXX says <"we won't be really hurting them but we can them hear frequencies he can maneuver to "make them like hear sh*t....and feel really",XXXX says ," it will be like we just threw itching powder on them..XXXX says he thinks one these faggits put a nail in his car tire because the one fag who lives down the street is very short and hates that XXXX is taller than him...
according to XXXX there are "faggits" and "homos" Homos are fine.Faggit-"not so much"
"you and me Dumbo are homos...Charles is a faggit", XXXX,"Understand?"
"yeah," I say.

"What am I supposed to do? Make myself somehow make them feel better?"XXXX asks me..while he uses a mallet to gently break the plastic casing of an old Oster Microwave Oven* Next he removes the transformer ,the magnetron and the capacitor which he hands me piece by piece and asks me to place on a small blue baby blanket , While we work I tell XXXX that I agree he should not have to" make himself short somehow or appear to make himself slouched (and thus smaller) to make anyone feel taller. "
And XXXX pats me on the back.
" Careful with the pink insulator at the top of the magnetron ,"XXXX says giving me a bump of crystal,"the stuff in that pink stuff is made from beryllium oxide," XXXX says," it if it's crushed and inhaled it can cause an incurable disease in the lungs"
For a second I look at the meth he poured out on a bottle cap.
"dude," XXXX says,"really?"

I take another bump just to show XXXX I trust him and we continue our work in silence like we're real scientists.

XXXX says "We will need a waveguide to direct the microwaves in one direction Baby Boi," and XXXX kisses me on the ear," we don't want the waves just just going everywhere..we want them directed."
He says ".Most Microwave ovens have a 4" wave length built into them...see?" XXXX says showing me what he calls the wand "well, I say we attach this wand to a satellite dish...which we can just hook up to some left over TV Ariel or some random pipe..or old thinga ma jing people have on top of their houses for like Xmas lights or something..."
Next we open a second Microwave casing ,Just in case the one we just undid is faulty,than XXXX says,".we can finish this in the morning ...but lets dust off the extension ladder outback..,both of us carry the ladder up the steps..and dust it off in the back yard with an old beach towel.XXXX says ". .if we dress in ..our old UPS clothes ..nobody will give a fuck if we're like walking on their still have yours?"
"Yeah,' I say
"we'll hook this bitch up real tight we can really can precise control. of the waves man,.a friend of mine has battery that can like go for a week. and we;ll just keep changing the battery....and every now and than adjust the diodes for better better aim" XXXX says. "so we can pitch them just right ....teach them a lesson ,man,,, See Dumbo,"XXXX says putting his arm around my neck ". Charles would be too much a wuss to do this shit."

*high energy radio frequency Emanation Projectors can be made using parts from an old microwave ovens. The Electromagnetic Eminator works just like a normal microwave with a high energy source triggering a magnetron which produces microwave radiation at 2.45GHz. The transmitting part is based on your skills manipulating a waveguide made out of metal which helps directs the microwaves in one direction instead of letting them scatter.The electromagnetic eminator works just like a normal microwave except with skill the energy source triggered by a magnetron which typically produces microwave radiation at about 2.45GHz.

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