Friday, August 18, 2017

Bloom (Batman)

3 year old DARIUS (Bloom) sits in a high chair at a table with a lit birthday cake on it .MRS CRANE and DR. CRANE sing happy birthday. After applauding the birthday boy DAD lights a joint smokes a bit while MRS. CRANE hands him a dry cleaning bag. DAD ,with joint still lit puts the bag over his head filling the bag with smoke he next puts over DARIUS's head the baby screams until DR. CRANE takes it off. While the baby cries MRS. CRANE and JONATHON put ear plugs on and frightening masks and begin cleaning up the table.

BILLY - I have something for you that's going to know your socks off
MORGEN -Headset or Str8 to Cortex?
BILLY - I love a man who doesn't say what but When.
(grabbing a head set ) trust me Morgen you don't want the nano that will make you see ,feel and hear this
MORGEN -This have anything to do with the two boys out there.
BILLY - You this is for an entirely different use
MORGEN puts the headset on and BILLY brings up a program on his lap top that seemingly goes with the headset
MORGEN tells BILLY he smells flowers.
We next see from the POINT of VIEW of MORGEN a huge grotesque twisted man .We next see MORGEN'S posture shift to
a prolonged spams.
MORGEN - (his mouth and face palsied ) -Take it off me ,take it off me
BILLY-(removing headset ,pointing to the computer) Morgen I'd like you to meet Mister Bloom.

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