Thursday, August 17, 2017

self control

In everyday life we quickly build and maintain associations between stimuli and behavioral responses. This is governed by rules of varying complexity and past behaviors as one negotiates their way through life experience yet many due to issues related but not limited to substance abuse often do not acquire many of the skills or financial or social benefits involved in many of the core values (trust,restraint,respect)most of us take for granted.Unfortunately there is only limited knowledge about the neuronal activations that take place in a human adult with substance abuse issues that many involved in the neurobiological engineering field believe might best 'reset" their cognitive bias with game based role play that might not only be used to augment impulsive responses ( the desire for instant gratification) but also "fill in the blanks"of years and even decades lost to addiction concerning developmental stages that pertain to what we might call "being an adult. We respect the participant who often feels overwhelmed by immersive training techniques that do alter relatively fast in reaction to relevant situations that present in real time and often forget the participant knows very little about the bigger issues at stake that include the subject's own discretion in describing Immersive Temporal Entrainment that in spite of the many unexpected unforeseen issues still seems to be a promising new technique, Often ,it is the Operating Tele -Presence who serves as 'neural engineer"who loses track of neural narrative counting upon the participant to counteract the often repetitive nature of many of the training tasks unaware certain "game -elements" the consumer of these experimental services is receiving might in fact over step certain boundaries and therefore jeopardize subsequent testing that may aid others with substance abuse or neuro degenerative diseases.-Tru Christie ,Proxy Cybernetics

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