Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Edward Lance Invited You to Play Candy Kiss Country

Dandy Flyin' by MAX FATE The Gotham Gazette
At least 20 calls were taken by Carol Harold at the Gotham Police Station after 12 am concerning the appearance of UFOs descending upon Gotham Memorial Park but don't panic just yet earthlings.The flying objects were identified as 3 drones sent on a mission to dispense dandelion seeds.2 sacks of unopened seeds crash landed just outside the East Gotham Mall and were handled by Rivic Security agents which tracked down the operator of unmanned crafts.One sack of dandelion seeds contaminated the Gotham Gardens Office Park.
The operator of the vessel was identified as 27 year old Nancy Bayone who claimed a 'magical being' had called upon her to serve a higher master above "the lawless lawmakers "and it was and will remain her duty to help take back "the grounds"of Gotham from groundskeepers who deserve to be grounded." Bayone was taken to Arkham Asylum for treatment and faces severe penalties for "flying under the influence "of "weed-ful things"

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