Monday, August 21, 2017

Proxy Cyber Gives

Our commitment to Ultimate Gaming and our no holds barred manner of managing the stimuli of our many participant's input has made Proxy Cyber number one in the field of 'off grid" discrete behavioral science.
Our Neural Correlates library grows in leaps and bounds!
Many subjects we have been given to "do what we will" for "The Greater Good" have helped us develop some of the most innovative games based on  any number of 'What Would You Do" moments!
From the  esoteric and to the universal our patented reactions to all matter of economic, social and sexual situations put the dat' in Big Data.
As passionate gamers and sensation seekers hoping to make the world singular in it's vision, it’s thrilling to see some of the unique and intriguing titles we’ve been able to add to our collection from having an unsentimental view of the human condition. Nothing says godless like our incredibly addictive typing game – Voice of God .
The premise is straightforward. Set in the world of welfare checks , social security centers and the many university hospitals around the united states subjects diagnosed as schizoid and psychotic and treated as such by friends and family armed with little more than the shirt on their backs are swayed into thinking their words and posts will settle the score and gain them restitution.Many in the court and legal system make ample money when the Proxy's brain tissue is pushed to overload via military grade direct energy!
All through the game typing challenges are set to synchronous Voice to Skull and Neuromodulation modes to discover how "man" interprets and processes sensory and narrative information. All their output is purposely driven to only read as fragmentation to both keep the "certifiable" thing going and give ample source material to those who wish to introduce aspects "mind control" into the mainstream as a mysterious "Floating World". 

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