Wednesday, August 23, 2017

you were mine for a dime

BILLY YUM is Skyping with a CLIENT
"he jumped ..."
"they usually do. The vanity. Must be a generational thing.You owe us nothing. The pain reading was to die for"
" any Italians.Married under 23?"
"so few marry young. Unless they're queers. We have a few faggits that look like your ex..surely there must be some want in you to hurt the one who got away..."
"I sold him to you. Please tell me you're not using your own product Billy"
"it's a little hectic here. Jim Gordon is making waves..we're doing a wide scope at the Young People's Dirty Gurl Awards. Surely we can find you another Adam ..does height matter the taller ones go fast but you'd be surprised how many people like their Adams short.."
EMMA MORGEN ,a secretary of Billy's  sits in the front office. EMMA  places a head- set on her skull and -thinks- to to her employer.

We hear the - -Proximation 'bandwidth' of neural decoding  -a Woman's Voice
""""" Morgen Murrine is here from Proxy Arma to see you Mr .YUM'''''''''

BILLY - Did he bring the monkey whose face morphs when you zap it with Accoustics ?

SECRETARY (speaking 'The Old Way" to the client, on a phone)  - Mr.Yum wants to know if you brought the monkey whose face swells

MORGEN - (smiling ,shouting )  Tell Billy Boy -He's in the car .and he ain't no monkey .Some homeless guy I picked up on  route 30 and I that I have made his face the size of a volleyball

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