Friday, August 18, 2017

The Honeypot Hz (Original version)

The stories have to be huge and ever larger to keep these dumbfuks going - Rivic told Bloom

And Bloom based on Darius Crane's neural reads spoke back in digitized form sent Rivic the entitreity of synaptic activity experienced by Darius during his 8 month stay at Arkham from across the room. Sliently . Invisibly . Rivic wore no headset .And was not quite expecting it.

"The stories ," The computer program they called Bloom ," are the least of it.'

Rivic , in moments feeling suicidal in only seconds  made a motion he agreed.
Thinking stop,stop ,stop to himself - aware that BLOOM felt no compassion as the person the program was based on had been rendered to feel none as well.
Rivic was aware the "blue dye" ,the nano particles that seeped through his skin to connect with the A.I. allowed the "thing" to decode his thoughts and emotions and felt no empathy - it was not meant to.
Darius Crane had been formatted for decades to feel no empathy and therefore the neuromorphic equivalent -felt- nothing but thorns.

"The stories ," the BLOOM PROGRAM "said" now in a Voice meant to bring Rivic out of it in synch with 30 Hz every 2 seconds of Darius falling love with his second placed Honeypot ," are simply to keep the subject attenuated till we're done with them. In an invisible cage of Hope and Novelty "

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