Friday, August 18, 2017

Enter Mister Bloom ( Feces for Flowers)

"You're focusing on the wrong things ," said "The Voice"

'I am crazy according 99.7 % of the world, I am depleted and vexed. I do not believe in this nor you
till my very last breath I shall fight you. For you are madness real or synthetic"

"I will make your face swell up like a basketball" said The Voice

"Thy will not mine be done "

Denny felt his cranial tingle and felt his palate click

"Pooh ,pooh,pooh ," Denny said (and thus THOUGHT at that camera taking off his socks to "play with his feet , sticking his one  foot in his mouth like he saw some actress do  in some film a while back -perhaps to skeeve out the audience - he could think of no other  reason for it ....

"Shut your fuckin mouth Denny," A man who called himself Mister Bloom yelled -seemingly "in his ear"

The tingling became tremors and next the type of hypergraphic seizure state that usually preceded visual hallucination

"Pooh pooh ,pooh ," Denny Pace laughed ,by now enjoying the Freak Show that was Neuroweapons testing.

Denny and Denny alone saw Mister Bloom, the slender man with a mask on his face with a flower on it .

Denny ripped off his clothes and put on a pair of adult diapers and shat himself to get into character.

"Buh ,Buh ,Buh .Buh ," Denny said ,flicking his fingers against his lips sticking his hand next down the diaper grabbing a lump of feces and throwing it at the computer screen camera as might a monkey in this project.

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