Thursday, December 1, 2016

burning for you

Real-time in vivo brain-computer interface: "motivational feedback” subsystem for the regulation of visual cue reactivity

"Drugs Mean Never Having to Say You're Sorry," Tru Christie graphs,directing me to some MedTech article I skim
making me see briefly Mind's Eye style INTERIOR -MOUTH -BLACKENED GUMS
with the rather intense Imbue of Hzs upon my noggin in tandem
the Remote Neural suggestion 
I post a take on the National Health Legal Ease prattle 
on my "chalkboard in the rain"
so those who study Neural Narrative based on me being tortured by these Maniacs might see 
why I "went off "in all the wrong Bi Directionals -again 
when all "Proxy Cyber" is doing is helping me
I think to Tru
"You and the other Mandlers made me do the drugs"I think to Tru Christie
"Drug addicts lie about everything ,"Tru graphs ,taking the visual form of a cartoon version of -some dyke type Drug Counselor in some over priced rehab-
the emphasis Inner Monologue style on -dyke type-as adjective 
is all A.I? Or at least Teu Christie churning "it"
to his "voice"

according to Mandlers the drugs "Dumbo takes IN SPITE of our insistence he stays clean for this Amazing Journey he consented to at the Van Nuys courthouse rather than serve time forPossession  ofMethamphetamine  with Intent to Distribute "
and the use of terms like -dyke ,kike ,nigger,faggot ,spic ,wet back ,rag head-
are neccesary in my documentation 
So nobody blows your fucking head off 
for Telling 
I fish around for something to take 
////on .the. Filthy. floor.////
Tru graphs ..
although I keep the room spotless -on something or not
..for a piece of rock 
to deal with this nonsense at least for the next 

How Dumbo 
was glad he had made an imp ointment to get an infusion of ketamine 
Tru Chrisrie graphs 
to Begin sensibly ,rationally and safely ..

"Fuck You," I graph 

Write it asshole Tru graphs meanly 
don't forget how easily puppets burn

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