Monday, December 5, 2016

I type now to not defend but admit the Weiro inside me 
not just for endless interrogations or sounds or the transmit ance of emotion to make me go back to the scene in my mind that either triggered by the weirdo the tes muses to give me feedback ..or just an avalanche of cruelty 
But so if I meet God or whatever is out there I can reveal these things upfront 
without humiliation 
I don't know if I believe in god this puffy bearded face i cloud but I believe in something greater than technology that does this to a person it secretly
Out INTHE open
On enemies
Or an consumers l
While I realize that there is no wat this tech would be used like this on others if the tech was understood and released to the public 
I certainly see how it could be used very BADLTY 
Than again to Mandlers  AM a very Bad sick disgusting   perverted person 
and I feel this about myself to the bone 
My team has all the data 
I don't care if they release it -my secrets what I did why I did what I did thru abpnd during the link
One day they might when times change and you 
And anyone read it 
Why am I doing what I am doing now?
because iy is important to note .stone coldsober
things are quite as they -often worse- when I 
Go out when I use 
I am still weird I and still 
Targeted for mockery 
And threats that I hope never come true
As these threats and promises what will happen to me 
When I least se it coming
Cut ears cut eyes ..
doesn't nor did seem part of game 
After all real people
man the screen ,read the de offering 
Watch vital signs and trascripting signal the account for sight 
I imagine -to best be in the moment-the use of phone calls ,letters,video footage from mac machine to lamppost ,,
and grow bared 
And grow agressive

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