Friday, December 2, 2016


Coping with Life As a TI
by Biff Bevan

So, you have been targeted for Electronic Harassment and the Gangstalking that most often goes with such activities.Many people have. You are not alone. Perhaps something you did or said marked you as a candidate for Psychophysical Weapons usage and the type of human experimentation the "Powers that Seize" often choose to make an example of. Perhaps you were simply chosen because you fit a demographic those in the business of Human Computer Interaction and Direct Energy Weapons research need to fill a quota. It is important you talk about hearing voices and the type of Gaslightiing that occurs pertaining to this version of MK Ultra. Do not keep the details of your situation to yourself share what is occurring to you with your friends,co -workers ,family both online and off .Something very bad is being done to you and it is your duty to document your experience thoroughly and without hesitation or self censor.Do not make the mistake other Human Guinea Pigs have made and keep quiet about the targeting .You owe it to yourself and the others made targets to speak up and speak out about the crimes being committed against you .You might be asking yourself where do I begin ? Often a TI is weary about explaining to a mental health professional the circumstances of their targeting especially as it pertains to hearing voices ,mistakenly believing a psychiatrist will believe the voices one hears via Voice to Skull Technology are merely symptoms of a thought disorder but I assure you -nothing could be further from the truth .Often a TI is worried that sharing details of what is referred to as Gaslighting and Gangstalking or what many in the TI. Community call "The Truman Show" or Street Theater that more often than not occurs in consort with the Electronic Harassment by a host of actors /agents all around the TI's work place,residence and community fearing that the very "op" is meant to discredit the TI ,nothing can be further from the truth. Most in the psychiatric field are aware of the subtle differences between delusion and demonstrative actions meant to make a TI seem to be mentally ill ,in fact most mental health workers are involved in a "underground" network of whistleblowers who rely upon those who have been targeted to not hold back the details of their situations .It is in fact your duty as a TI to help the Mental Health Electronic Harassment Whistleblowers Network Coalition Association Tribunal (MEHR CAT ) catch the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. You might ask yourself how I might best conduct myself during a psychiatric intake or interview to best vet the clinician to most effectively discover if this particular member of the psychiatric community is working for the underground .Certainly ,especially not n this day and age one cannot very well blurt out their familiarity with MEHR CAT directly to the possible ally in this great fight you TI have been burdened with. Therefore it is important you speak to the mental health professional in a type of codified manner. In this way you might be lucky enough to be chosen by MEHR CAT to infiltrate one of the many mental health facilities that participate in these MK Ultra like programs. If the clinician is part of MEHR CAT and you have succeeded in convincing them you have what it takes to be a liaison for MEHR CAT but the clinician ,an extension of an underground "agency" committed to recruit very special people to once and for all expose the perps responsible for these crimes against humanity certainly needs more than your word that you are targeted many ,many people attempt to join MEHR CAT to in fact destroy all that MEHR CAT is trying to accomplish. Therefore it is up to you to fortify your description of your account with the type of affect an agent posing as a clinician needs to see that certifies you are not just 'playing the part'.Therefore it is necessary you show not tell the clinician how very angry you are about the targeting by shouting and also pounding a table ,chair or wall .It is not enough to simply explain the details of hearing voices and intricacies of Gangstalking in an offhand manner anyone could have picked from a book ,video they say or site they visited.

So ,have been released from a mental health facility Leaving a residential treatment program can be scary and can bring about a whole host of questions and concerns. This is especially true if you have become reliant on the staff and other patients for support; in many instances these individuals have become family to you.You are not alone

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