Monday, December 5, 2016


It is important for a Proxy to little by little begin relying more and more on aspects of their daily existence that have absolutely nothing to do with Existenz like chatter box
chip stuff that is taken as only psychosis by the reader ..who is/ was either too lazy or too nice to lend and ear ,eye or "like" to a Targeted Individual who (believe it or not) at one time never spoke of things like
Mandling,Gangstalking and issues ( or should I say non -issues-to anyone ) not targeted
-Important for a human test subject / victim of these unseen weapons that zing thru the ether like so much wireless
to set certain records straight
that have nothing to do with their use as Advance Technology Demonstration

and be aware
when a "Proxy" goes astray in this manner it means the subject
realizes his gig is up
..not that is wasn't as soon as the -tether began -but perhaps much sooner than either he or his "Mandlers"expected

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