Thursday, December 8, 2016

They began setting Denny up with all matter of Alpha Males
That according to his Set Piece ,Piece by Piece childhood
he would now doubt long for
Forever some puppy like Sal Mineo to not only a James Dean by moreso to a strong Female lead who need only bat an eyelash in his direction to fill up his always empty  tank with Belonging
It had taken Denny years to understand what his entire childhood had been literally orchestrated to steep in him so deep these reaction
Deeper than the deep he was synthesized to feel in his riskless tisk  task explaining the bio tech and synthetic telepathy
for some time had understood was his job
But not this part.
Because this part had to do with all of us ingrained -stylized parentage aside- to not only long for Dean /Woods  like hierarchy
but be satiated by it's Top Down effect.

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