Friday, December 2, 2016

Tru Christie

Lenart. “Engineering Documents for International Audiences.”Caroline says looking at me looking at the pages I was supposed to read and supposedly process last night when Marcus and I were doing Real Work on Tim Tucker ,not this Jewie academic shit
She had seen me earlier that day coming out of the Ladies room with Tina blowing my nose and had given me -one of those LOOKS -we have been taught to give Proxy on the street
I am suprised she hadn't put her fingers on her nose and made a Pee Eww gesture
or something.
Marcus of course saw the entire "exchabge" and stood there smiling
Wouldn't surprise if he's the one who asked Tina to offer me some -morning medicine
to get me in range of Caroline Mact's stink eye
I glance over the pages we were supposed to have read last night
hoping Macy doesn't call on me to discover if I read them-
Panel: Speaking Rhetorically: Or, an Owl, a Shark, a Deer and a Wolf Walk into a Bar.
Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference; Salt Lake City, UT: October 2013.
Panelists: Christine L. Robinson, Sean Morey, Aaron Phillips, and Joshua B. Lenart Description: This panel problematizes hyphenated relationships in false binaries such as “human-
nature” or “human-animal,” and discusses how these constructions often reduce animal Others and the complexity of our ecosystems. Notably, this kind of (eco)speak is limiting for those rhetoricians and compositionists interested in more robust understandings about how we write/right the world, and who writes on whom. Thus, we will suggest new rhetorical frameworks of representation toward more complex understandings of world.
Global Learning Across the Disciplines (GLAD) Teaching Grant. Project Title: Pathway to Global Outcomes in Civil and Environmental Engineering by The Office for Global Engagement (OGE) for departmental teams of three faculty members to improve global learning at the University of Utah with Steve Burian, Ph.D., P.E. and Doug Schmucker, Ph.D., P.E (Inaugural award, $8,000)
Co-founding member of the J. Willard Marriott Sustainability Working Group with grant monies received from the Chevron Corporation: 2012 (funded one semester)
Research/Travel Grant from University of Utah CLEAR Program. Traveled to the University of Miskolc (Miskolci Egyetem) to meet with Dr. Arpad Palotas, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, to consult on establishing a Technical Communications Program: 2010
It didn't used to be like this
the meetings used to informal
fun in fact Macy presumably hating this bureaucratic nonsense to create sites and online persona as much as anyone
"Have Fun With it," used to be the company line around The 8th Floor Social Media but this was before Tru Christie started hanging around the offices
It's amazing how quickly things change around here
but than again this might be some tutelage in Cognitive Dissonance
Noticing Carolne Macy is doing that school marm thing
where the instructor is like asking "the students" questions she already knows
I decide -if picked -to tell Macy -cognitive dissonance -is what the reading assignments were about
but when I say this Caroline sighs and goes back to the head of the table -I long for the days when women sat n the sidelines -
and makes some type of note on my performance presumably
Funny the fuking bitch never says a word about my performance
as it concerns "technical support" outside the office
but I guess since Marcus got calf implants I just don't matter much anymore
What kind of faggit gets calf implants to succeed in business without
suspiciously dying?
not supposed to write... with so much words words words and stories stories stories they shove into me..? and be LOYAL? to maniacs? w...

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