Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Human Use of Humans (2)

Why does a man like this -a man lime Denny Pace 's story need to be told at all?
Why not as Proxy Cyber requests let types used only so we may once and for all never have to concern ourselves with those in the gene pool and those responsible for heiring specific types of offspring who offer nothing to the proceedings but their burdensome needs that detract from those amongst us whose very genetic qualities and brain map offer so much to The New Way.
Is it because I am sentimental that I discuss the trials and tribulations of one such as Denny Pace to Old Way Conspiracy Theory trope that manufactured adages proclaiming "All Men are Created Equal"only as a means of social control to keep those un robust in their Physique and Psychogenics to at least feel their kind mattered except as 'spare parts" and biosignal based objectifies as to best seek similar redundancies as well as their worth as mechanism to help provide visual ,auditory and gait shaping correlations for those in the robotic's field that required a wide demographic to develope neurochips that most suited artificial life forms that even in their most dis affective state still give more to the New Way than Denny Pace nor the unfortunate Layla Pace cajoled by various Change Agents to provide Proxy Cyber the needed ectoplasm to begin forging the world in an image which requires that we view the time in between as merely recipe .Merely a drawing board A garbage pail of  false starts and stops .Therefore why do I think it my duty to attempt to humanize Denny Pace who was born only as Human Research? I do this because I predict others will one day attempt to humanize these creatures who we have carefully been tasked with removing from the gene pool as something to be romanticized or cherished or even brought back 
Notebook 52
There was no where for the guy to go
No other "habitat" for the studies .
There was not meant to be .
So much of the research required a sameness and repetition
any new variable had to added to the subject's parameters at the researcher's request
never the subjects
Many times in the past the subject had tried escaping from the many "handlers"who acted as much as possible as social equivalents or friends ,loves ..confidants..
only to find himself in a town,in a hotel or motel pre-emptied ,prescribed - pre -booked
to remind him where ever he found himself he would find -only this -only them
as if to remind him that as quotianted as his hallow "home" was in terms of anything but behavioral research inevitably
It was Better Than This
not in terms of the better or worse
of the new circumstances
Denny constantly sought in spite of the expected challeneges to his rather limited understanding of the world
often in terms of what expects to find in residences in fact created for those without means
to find or main them
Denny however would never quite learn if he could adjust to whatever he would have to forfeit in terms of comfort
to start living with others and in places not only created and manged and populated by people only meant to act as stimulus and semiotic representation
for each time and always wherever Denny did go
the People or semblances of such were there.
making a point of letting him know
"He had tried and understand ..It would always be like this .."
Placed Variable that surrounded the Hostel,Greyhound Station motel or shelter that at the time (and many times to come)

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