Monday, December 5, 2016

This was not getting better sober
When I use to meansI can't take
Not the testing/ tortured.
And judged as a weirdo
Is all I hear
Years before this

I thought my life had ended from the onset of a particulate movement disorder
That made one's body move -weirdo
Made one sky weird
even made one's move weird
talking became weird as one's palate might crack mid way through
It was the face ..that was often stiff ,asymetric ..stuff
That gave me the idea to walk with a cane
as if to make up for the rigid cast of me face  next truck and inability to stand still.
-I'd i was in in a store just waiting ..a customer might ask why the rush
Why are you so in a race ..
I was doing nothing but waiting patiently in line

my body just and how I stood always hype muscles always pushing ..especially in my face  and next
The neurologist said the case was minor
That it was generalized dystonia

The onset had nothing to with an earlier car accident
like a few art interviews say

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