Saturday, December 3, 2016

I graze at the entries that are labeled ugly
It was -?a week ago

I guess me describing -or beginning to my attributes
Physically that
My "team most deplores,,
my appearnce  and the way I move..and also how I think..

I do not work put
Noe do I take care of myself

But neither am I trying to date ,,or interact really with anything but -this,,

previously me trying to explain. what was being done to me meant something aside from the writing making me feel I was seperating myself from the intrusion
Not so someone in 'charge' of stopping g Electronic c Tortuere /testing would read it and say
What is he going on about?
But I believed in spite of the "alt media " being set up to pigeon hole topics like ad named technology into conspiracy theoryy .
And my trying to explain how or why ..
People even if they didn't be
Ieve in the testing might study the "alt media" and serach the,selvs for information about neuroweapo s and psychophysical weap is and be shocked that there are no sites that dwell on the matter..
A few paragraphs here and there
And also notice how the information about TIs often seems purposesly created to  read like conspiracy theory
Whe that's the last thing one presumes a person leading or running such a group might want

-all through this .the voices ..yell scream ..

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