Monday, December 12, 2016


hy didnt you just let me have a puppy?
and Evan -who at least is funny unlike the ones who are so damn serious...
starts thinking to me little voices of me thinking and talking to puppies.
I'd rather remember you with a dildo up your ass.
boy ..did i get in-trouble with that one ...i didnt quite know what was going on with the warning outside the "toy shop" i was totally wacked on heroin and thus disinhibited..and ju8st got back from L.A. to you know return to basically being a drug addict ..which is why I MOVED to L.A.or more so lured their be tortured ...well some guy army guy says 'Don't Do it" ..
I'm like how'd he know i came upon this dildo I had bought for a friend of friends birth dsy like years ago...well I see it in the closet and i'm like hmmm.. who doesnt like a bit of fun up the old bunghole every now and again ?...and like i said i'm wacked oin everything since returning from L.A. because -as i guess i mentioned once or twice ...they spiked my brain somehow with chips or something for this 'military operation " which i guess has to do with writing ..-but for how much fucking longer..any way
i see the dildo and walk down to the adu;lt book store to buy some lube
...and outside the book store this army dude says "don't do it"
..well --I'm like surely he aint talking to'd he know I wanted to shove a plastic dick up my bum''
with this "gangstalkjing yoiu never know ..not really if it's "them" talking to you or just coincidence..
so i ignore it..
only a mad man believes in gamngstalkiong street theater according to shrinks ...and Wiki and the news
so ...
i buy the lube and go home and just say
Tommy can You Feel Me.
Lisa. Dan ..Lance and the entire UCLA neural computational lab ..I mean what the hell do i care?
Army ,Marines, shouyldn't be puppeting my ass to begin with without expecting a bit of clean up ..
you gonna kill me ..go ahead man..

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