Friday, December 23, 2016

A Sour Patch in Westworld

a bit of time ago
- and it's hard to remember-
certain peculiar events that happen when screens are telling us second to second
what is
a young actress.
took to ether
and began spouting off about damn near everything "What's On Your Mind " style for days
she posted bizarre videos of herself in a most unflattering light
it was as if she was having a seizure of some kind
hypergraphia (an almost uncontrollable urge /need to write)
is a side effect of many seizure disorders
-many people with a certain type of seizure disorder can also not refrain from speaking
(some time ago a certain actor began speaking as if he was 2 and a half men in one)
both of these incidents were blamed on drugs
-having a few substance "mishaps"overindulging in a wide number of -chemical conundrums
I have yet to come across a drug that causes these -issues
-in fact the brain nor body cannot tolerate substances that cause personality changes
to such extremes for more than a few days
the system literally crashes..
this is in fact why most of the drug testing in the days of Cold War "MK Ultra" folded..
- replaced entirely by the mid 1970's by
alternative "medicine"
that -worked around-the overstimulation of synapses pharmacological chemical agents
in terms of neuro modulation that could be -sustained

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