Monday, December 12, 2016

Non-invasive cell type selective in vivo monitoring of sulfide resistance dynamics :

the days are kinda like divided into  day after
complicated -story based - run downs transmitted upon my noggin and ten mile rafdius
settle down boy ..heel ..stazy - PROCESS
over the next few days or hours
sometimes weeks
before whatever "limited series " Big Picture " pictures and auditory  data
I am to gauge
and ponder
until a particular 'Muralsit " /mandler is brought back in
to pick up where they left off
inevitably a take on me tied to some Moral Quandry like rail road tracks
with only my feedback
( and my morals and ethics I  am afraid -quiote afraid - become LESS rather than more
to these big ideas my 'Teams" take way .way serious)

as DO I'm afraid the more mundane
What Will Dumbo Do Next
in terms of LOW FINANCE to
GET BY or GET OVER (it seems ) concerning a garden variety drug habit
that the Mandlers do so feed
by placing various Pretty Boy /Tiger Shirt Male Hustlers
in my path
They are as much Game Pierces from Pierced Homes
as I am
but more the type who WOULD turn their eyelids inside out at

get it? the alpha male
and me
the guy who is actually happy to wear  a Picture Day -nice shirt - On Picture Day

the drugs
are my Food Pellets
to keep me
running through the mazes
and really having any interaction
that is not electronically
transmitted to the bio tech
(nano particles that simply allow my brain signals to be heightened enough that a num,ber of radio telemetric ..apparatus ..can lock on to the sugnal as to send the signal to bew decoded..
boring shit
 i won't waste your time with
science -ie stuff how does a TV work...

any way

between the big Mini Series like  bullshit
that I swear is based on The Kabbal  ,Scientology and  several shitty made for TV movies
dealing with the occult
back when there were only  3 channels

i am not say ing the various 'movers and and shaekrs " around my TMZ are neccesarily hired hands of
Proxy Cyber
to distribute
my Food Pe;llets most of the behavioral Science is based upon
unscripted human behavior
which unfortunately is about tinkering with the drugs
( giving me shit instead of shine -o -la)
so Dumbo -after basically poisoning himself
so -the good stuff- is sold
to 'The Cool Kids"
often i have to make 3 drug runs ..
to get even the smallest piece of rock that even tasteds like cocaine..

but THIS is my JOB
being basically 'Job" in the piece..
and sort of -the part- I am not supposed to write about _

now one must keep in mind
the money i use to play Monkey in the Piddle of this mind fuck
i reckon the Strategic Press Word Press Union of Conspiracy Theory International
wants -action figures- to call MK Ultra
is nopt Monopoly money but REAL MONEY
I 'Earned" during a particularly nasty rundown
that concerned a What Would You Do
sale of priceless Pez Dispensers
my grandfather left me
to discover how human monkey processed worth vs. the expediance of ready cash

and keep in my my lungs
with act as a sort of organic atmsophere to test bio sensrtos capacity to relay bio Data
in vivo
that has nothing to do with decoded though but  peptides,oxygen levels ..etc..
consumer upcoming -sales of such nano particlesd to quantify inslinin levels and so forth

fuck only knows what garbage is placed in these granulated
bits of smokable Food pellet
I go through like Minecraft falling off some castle rock
to get to a piece of white substance that has any coke in it whatsoever

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