Monday, December 5, 2016

The weirdo weirdo weirdo
The team yells
Makes me focus on weirdo I have seen in

I remember a superficial str8 eye for the queer guy
The guy wasn5 weirdo ..or what I think of as weirdo

And I thinking and thinks of what defines weirdo
Besides me according to Mandlers

And I settle for uncomfortable
And a person with -in str8 eye  seemed to be a minor "movement disorder"
I go to seek it out the episode but there are so many of them
And besides this is not -exactly -the type of weirdo they want represented
However ..the character / person in the episode
was peculiar
Air -he was attractive -but off in a degree one -such as Mandlers -could pint at..examine..deduce and next mock

I don't wish to bring other examples of the way Mandlers -see me- ..and certainly the man in queer eye was bettor than me in his functionality and physique and finacial capacity
What maybe got to me during the episode of his unwillingness or lack of caring he was being filmed
Or that his being filmed made his awkwardness more pronounced

Although he was physically attractive but before and after the make over
He was nonetheless off it concerned telepresense..

I,e I said this isn't the type of weirdo I meant -was picked to represent

There are not all that many weirdos depicted in TV and film
-the music industry has co-opted aspects of weirdo into their playlist
However the is no Tiny Tim

So e movie where young man collects money door to door dropped off on residential neighbor .who than goes to some wild paty .no fitting in.mexy up chunks ..
And on OT goes
A peculiar
air make to this film that is called something like weirdo town.
It stuck in my mind because the lead was so strange
.and I wondered why the film was made
Except to see what popped up and  aeros on -bit the more like this suggestions box..

.neither here nor there..
As is the trio onwards whatever his name is .. No some dog,a. 95 film ..called the Idots ..which attempts to definite weirdo ..
Or spastic
In a interesting manner..
L the movie is no longer interesting ,,
Neapolitan. Dynamite attempts to show a weird character
As does The Lobster.
..bit in the Lonster the charater mainly is .
Who is dd ?pays ..for being simply less attractive than the star

It was an odd scene mid way through that made me not much like Volin whatshis name
But a part of me
Was intrigued.
-it was a take on "not so much " in the movie 'Borat"

Concerning it being ok to comdie,n a nother on physical appearance as less than and open for ridicule as entertainment

In  1998  or 2003 ..this was not the case
Or not -allowed

Yet the film 'Bring it On" whatever the year ..did not shy away from for. The topic ..
of groups di
I,e ..people less tah them concerning looks..

My mind gets lost in trivial ness.
The subject was

Like me
And me attempting to brainstorm for film TV etc in popular culture that  helps  the public as a whole define what weirdo means
Like in family feud
The tv show , host asks whatvr. Top 6 words ..that one  things of when they think of weirdo 

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