Thursday, December 8, 2016


A better man would have known what to say and not to say
always I am told about these better men
In this program nobody knows is going on
told day and night and night and day by "men and women" or simulations of both or either ..
Or by what they call Operating Tele -Presence
real people who can decode my thoughts and see what I see and hear second to second
Becuase I do not SEE the OTs except as they present upon my sight
they make a big effort to let me know with sound and feeling and these sights only I hear
usually done with simulation of controller that listens in and talks back with sound and image and feeling to what I think ,say and do is now being performed by real people
who according to the OTs are rarely called in
Because they hate the stink of vermin
even if the stink is just the brain signals that register as smell
back when the "teams' did this every few hours to see if I could tell the difference between simulated. Voices and real ones that bypass my ears
they would say Human Vermin like you smell of piss and vomit and dirty clothes
always somehow making me think of all these bad smells
and for doing this the OTs would either make me feel real ,real good somehow with whatever they use to make my head tingle and mood change or very,very bad
Now when the OTs say they've been forced to deal with me Direct Neural Interface for something wrong I wrote in one of my notebooks
they send my visuals of their noses like cartoons with cloths lines clamps on them
while yelling it won't matter if the sick retarded monkey tries throwing his feces
with either his transmitted sense of smell
or mind's eye angry thoughts
in spite of serious retaliation he cannot always hold back
The fact he cannot Holdback according to the OTs AND the A?I? Is proof he is Unresolvable in terms of his thought map and Thought Style
and for centuries Perverted Vermin aimed their brain signals at those in the species they wanted to bring down to their level telepathically
And this genuine telepathic behavior had and has nothing to do with biotech
in fact people who are Lessors need to be "app-ed" with Merge
so finally and for once and all time lessors would stop causing most all the troubles in the world from earthquakes to slip and falls and all these things ingrained in all Lessors whether they want to believe it or not
I tried moving out of here I don't like how Ben touches me all the time
even though my team says I should be happy I have anything to offer a Bettor.
when I think bad things about Ben my team graphs that one day my accumulated evil thoughts about the man who feeds me ,gives me a place to stay listens to my whine about "The Voices"will be sent all my decoded thoughts about him 
along with a metal stick and a tiny sharp scalpel to offer Proxy Cyber a Pain Reading for it's library of Neural Data and for that recieve a new type of younger ,handsome-er.Denny Pace incapable of transmitting their evil ,hateful Eminations at everyone including God who the Lessors made sure would have to never ever listen to normal people pray because Lessors bombarded God's mind with their stink and bitterness

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