Monday, December 5, 2016

Schadenfreude (the apartment song)

As much as I am told.
I am told nothing.further more .i am not.or was not to attempt to piece parts of
What is happening.or what has happened together
It this makes no sense to you
( as it is supposed to..make no sense to you ..what I write..or why I write it.let alone what it means
except -if even that matters ( if does ..or at least did years ago)
but manly at - the peak of my -account-the reaction to bat sht crazy concerning a person talking about /posting about neuroweapons
as it all pies to evoked response' from would be concerned citizens
could be quantified in Real Time
I too would have (would I have ,I am not sure) un -friended a person (or persona ) that ranted daily ,hourly ...second to second about being injured
abused by advanced technologies
nobody has heard about
at least after the novelty of another "losing it "online ..making a spectacle of themselves
had passed.
Everybody according to quantified studies of human behavior as it relates to electronic social media
enjoys a bit of the old Schadenfreude
but the side effect of a person being smite by "magical " weapons that perturb neural function 
that concerns hypergraphia ..
manic behavior that especially effects speech and of course writing.
and therefore -posting
while Schadenfreude,the base enjoyment of another's trials and tribulations might be "fun" 
a line is drawn as the afflicted lines ones social media scroll with -lunacy 

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