Friday, December 2, 2016


Think Dumbo the Mandler graphs
 - how you left your documentation of being a victim of a neuro -tronic torture and a Brain Hack
"Neuro tronic torture? " I think - and thus graph" or -Grok - or whatever stupid words "Mandlers " want me to explain this stupid shit"
I become worried that the "team" will zap me with direct energy -neuro tronic ( see I wrote it!) weapons to make me feel pain or like crying (yeah !Mandlers can do that like in seconds )
"Dumbo what did we say about you using movie references to describe your plight "
I get furious
I didn't -say-'Seconds' the Movie you monsters!
My rage it -seems-and who can tell -these?-"Strange Days" -I graph !
is heightened
and sustained somehow -it seems by Mandlers
like my signals of emotion! Are some Dueling Banjo!offering to Proxy Cyber -or whatever stuuuuuuupid name I am to call Them today
some invite m very brain signals for Mandler MONSTERS to
Elaborate on ,fine tune and send back to me!
to make me want to bang my head against the wall
-I don't by the way stupid Reader
so don't get excited
The Mandlers calm down and thus calm me down
acting -like we're friends now or something ..sending me little visuals of Daffy Duck being erased by some giant pencil
"Hey Loony Tune .Hey Bloom -The Loon"
And HE writes it Down ! The Mandler graphs
and Dumbo actually writes 'Bloom the Lon" down!
I think to Mandlers that I am erasing the words
real,real carefully I think this
"I can't work with this guy ," I hear some forein voice "graph"
Well anyway ..the gist of what the "team" wanted to I part to me
"You left your post Dumbo
as some take on fukin' George Jetson..some shmuck ..some garden variety Everyman"
"So what ,"I graph ,isn't that what I am concerning Top Down rank in this horror show to you"
I am made next to see Batman bats and Batman mask
and wait for the Gotham City / 'Memfis  Ohio'like Imbue
to make me Mr. Bloom
But all I get is the Greek Chorus of mean domineering Wicked cartoon  Stepmother graph talk
"Thanks for Ruining everything .You're in so much trouble .Thanks for everything " nonsense
"Your Welcome you bitch .You Mandlers .You Monsters "
They begin sending me a sense of sadness and guilt
and the Tuff Guy Vouce says "I can give you a heart attack right now  with these weapins but I won't because you don' t deserve a quick end "
"Yes I do !" I graph
"Go ahead Dumbo ,be George Jetson..we have tons of people raised just like you to do this who aren't pussy boys"
Even with out the Hzs I get guilty and sad that I am dong something wrong
Being a "Ruiner"but I don't know what to do
I don't trust them as far as I can throw Them...

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