Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Edwin Meece -part one (Jew it to Jew-IA)

You're dead.What are you waiting for?
A pill or something
Or the gumption to ..strenght ..focus to book a room at least 75 feet high

Every relationship
For man- ed me. Is a study in behaviorism and huamn interaction
I fail these tests ..nearly all the time
I have become short tempered
And judgemental

my personality is that more and more of Mandlers .

I can at least
See see that dealing with other people who are not
Involved in ..
The a program
Is Maybe not worth the risk of
Throwing my Enrot
Inyo the Eneay

My angry thinking
from the testing
comes out
Mean unpayiencr
But weirdo is what they need for my social isolation
Not anger
Weirod don't get angry
Weirdo are timid and explosive
Not just plain assholes..
After 1998 I began the Weiro shit to help sell my art
An art Dealer who was interested
Saw my work at some Mental Health art show

A previous art dealer / organizer saw my work at some coffee shop
And befriended me
Asked if I would be insulted or offended if she
Bro ut some pieces to the Metal Illness show or whatever it was called
I said no
After all I was seeing a shrink to get ativan
and anothe one to get adrenal
Mainly in the shrinks ofice I prattled on about being broke
I was sliding scale with the adrenal
And on the dole donut
With mandatory treatment for "generalized ancirt
..the doc said if money is the main problem why don't you get a job
I was tri g to be a painter..
And needed all day everyday
To learn
..Well when the "girls " who saw my work at the coffee house said
  ' have you ever heard of the term out sider art.
I said no
The most importan thing about this "movment ..OT determination of something is outsider art is being self taught
And having a biography that is outside the norm
She said to skip the fact I did a year at Tyler Art School and focus on the mental shit
"Have you ever ben I
Only I to,d her for drunk tank ..and fighting
Not real jails he situation
..can we play that up?The abuse..
Sure I said ..I just Need Money
She said my art depicts a lot of abuse ..mothers hitting their kid father in the backroumd ..basically ignoring 

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