Monday, December 5, 2016

the equivalent of a 'Free Swim ' test on human beings is not only to test the effect of many,many different drugs..
street drugs  ,pharmaceuticals -yo name it ..mixed this way that way and -always
Dumbo had been told to keep some variation of street drug in his system at all times
( just in case -anybody not involved with  cybernetic testing -asked ..what are you going on about ..or why you look so crazy looking  at things nobody sees...or some such rot..
as if anybody gives a damn about someone 'spacing out" on the street
as if anybody but the folks doing the testing read what I write..
but -at least at first
I followed the instructions..
supposedly for my own good ..and theres..
but things change
EXCEPT the way the cybernetic process is done to a fella --who has had quite enough -some time ago ..

"1 - Goal parameters set in a control center
"2 - Sensing mechanisms whereby information relevant to the system’s goals is registered in the syste.
"3 - Effector mechanisms whereby the system acts on its environment.
"4 - Tranformation rules or procedures whereby information received from the sensors is compared with informationabout the goal-states and an error-correcting signal is produced to modify the behavior or the effectors".: "The function of correcting for deviation from the paths of goal-attainment is that of the central regulator. It must contain a long term memory which stores the system’s norms, i.e. the goal-conditions, which the system pursues by means of its deviation-reducting behavior

but trust me 
so many other things are being done -tested-researched -quantified
this (above) is the least of my reason for 
"squeaking" as Ground  Bound Mandlers say 
while holding up a jacket you happen to be wearing 
stating ' You want this jacket..we found it in the desert ..near some dead guy who come to think of it looked like you "
or something to that effect 
people I didnt even know 
who call me Jim like they knew me all my life 
would say 
when i had to stay in Palm Springs for a trial 
in Los Angeles 
because according to the cops and D.A and P.D I was a drug dealer..

it was back in 2011
when the testing was at it's worst
and i -went crazy - as expected -
and there had to be -logical reason - presented 
that had nothing to do with what i was typing online 
does any of this make sense to you 
who ?
who is reading this NOOOOBODY

I am well aware of how people skim a facebook page
i am putting myself again in harm's way
by writing it as i am
to be perfectly honest
i have no idea ..what i am supposed to do
now that I have been
basically told
"we don't need you anymore"

and more threats about my demise than I can PROCESS
into anything regarding my environment which provides no stimuli but "ape-ing techniques"
and various Triggers
based on associations incurred in me..on me since I was born
once the
subject is wise to the Semiotic shit
and furthermore begins mocking them
or drugging themselves not just with street drugs  but the neuroleptics he stashed away
from the many hospitalization
the Maruta was warehoused in
to 'discover" how a human object responds to anti psychotics..
it is amazing I am concerned with gums
now that they want me to be ...
taken as not just insane but but a scum who only lives to be high
i dont know what world these mandlers live in
or what they're smoking

the crack in my particulat habitat
does not make one high but immobilized
i suppose it is supposed to make me high
but Mandlers are in charge of my mood
but seem to enjoy watching me try and try
to take anything that at least gives me the illusion i have control of my nervous system
more often than not the crack doesnt even taste like cocaine

supposedly a guy like me
will turn to street drugs
to "be cool" or to BE ANYTHING but who he is
to BE a CRACKHEAD if need be to explain his inherent WEIRDONESS
with the visage of crackhead..
supposedly according to Manlders THAT is WHY i am saying -posting what I am saying
they have me pegged
they know me better than I know myself
I was not aware of this FACT until just now
what i am aware of is i will not be able to undo the damage of this relapse
concerning the damage of not setting the copper 'filter' properly ..
or much caring to
-i think of it -as a short cut
to the doesnt care if he shaves..showers,,stinks..shit
that is the sluggish schizphrenia
they beam straigh to skull
these days
days ago i began writing about the
-crack tests - they do on me
in notebooks I wanted to transcibe here
that explained my -learning to se--
was part of some training ..for some absurd mission
the team keeps the Proxy entrained with mainly when -they are game
-when they are much younger
and need reason upon reason to go along with this mind fuk
i had read a 15 year old boy's account of very much the same nonsense..
i guess i am writing this for people like him
who they also might convince to do anything
-mission style-
i dont really know
---the mission one is supposedly being trained for never comes..
and eventually whatever synthesis of Mood and heightening they lay upon you as some kind of Method Acting by signal straight to Mind doesnt take
as so much of your neurons have been literally destroyed by the electromagnet frequency

i should be terrified the mandlers insist away this type of information
but I am always terrifed
and the only way i can fight the terror is to begin revealing all of the bullshit
i should probably know
to keep to myself

-for a weirdo freak sicko like me
the extra credit type uses for this are simply research
that mioght be used in real life on people not considered Non Person

or maybe this information is now being conveyed
to add more and elements of lack of worth
even as specimen
fuk if i know..

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