Saturday, December 3, 2016

I don't want to eat
I don't want to chew
I get so aware the Mandlers are monitoring me

Which in Clyde's not just brain signal but everything
Masticating as it relates to homeostasis of whatnot
swallowing as it relates to a certain body temperature

How onesosture effects peptides and the a out of salva is produced when one is rating alone or with others
Lately I  a having trouble with all things relating  to the body and all of it's many systems being quantified
Respiration,pulse ,kidney function ,the up and down of. retain proteins and lipids
as the days ses
In a way the mind decoding meNs least of all unless one is being tortured
Not many people are..ether for testing or as -well -torture
The other stuff various industries are into  who I doubt very much know about the mind stuff ( and if they really why would they care)
Because what -they're doing-isn't exactly on the up and up. either ..
Only when I blast me mind to bits ..with anything I can get my hands on..
Do I not care about any of it
Not myself
not the fact this being done to thousand and thousands
I can care less about any of it
Except I will wake up tommorow of more of the same 

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