Thursday, December 1, 2016

Movie of the Day -"Mirage Men" Paul Bennewitz -Targeted by Richard Doty as 'Useful Idiot'

1971 -started when Ingo Swann at SRI came across a breakthrough in his techniques in ...... The Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C. sends an officer to put L. Ron Hubbard into ...
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The Human Use of Human Beings is a book by Norbert Wiener, the founding thinker of cybernetics theory and an influential advocate of automation; it was first published in 1950 and revised in 1954. The text argues for the benefits of automation to society; it analyzes the meaning of productive communication and discusses ways for humans and machines to cooperate, with the potential to amplify human power and release people from the repetitive drudgery of manual labor, in favor of more creative pursuits in knowledge work and the arts. The risk that such changes might harm society (through dehumanization or subordination of our species) is explored, and suggestions are offered on how to avoid such risk.

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