Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Sons of Israel

He had come back from L.A to the same Philadelphia
After checking into a motel near the airport
And rolled a fresh condom over his his fingers squirted a bit of lube on it and as he was told to - shovehis fingers    up his bum
The Mnadlers wanted him to get used to being fucked
according to his team it was part of his job to get fucked
He felt like what the company always wanted him to feel -strange and perverted
He called EVAN
"You want me to do this,really?"
"Yes we. Want you. To do this really"EVAN said
"On one conditions, watch we'll both be it together feeling strange and perverted  //
, you had  better ,Evan said
"Have you ever been fucked by a guy".  He asked EVAN ///
"A camp counselor when I was 5
Me too said the man in the hotel room "//don't call

//  //-  meaning the post
The sons of Israel

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