Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pace vs Cole .L . Cohen

As so much of the training had to do with Denny learning to do drugs
he assumed his spying -when he somehow managed to let himself buy these simulations if only for the time presented
He let his mind consider that his work might have to with catching drug dealers
after all his eyes ,ears and thoughts were "app-ed" permutably for good reason
but it wasn't long before realized that all his team wanted him to do was appear to be always drugged out reeking of smoke stimulants to attract those familiar with the look and fragrance of Bum
to begin asking him if he was "Holding"
Mandlers encouraged him to pass on small packs of product
deliberately tampered with to have little to with stimulation but hallucinations
that more often than not required they be hospitalized
In the hospitals it was -the job- of various "Behaviorists" to take advantage  of the now documented
Thought Disorder by making the Crisis into something chronic

Ou would be amazed how very much Denny Pace was indeed lying to himself about how being -part of a group really meant to just one of many hundreds of thousands in the USA raised A Boy Named
 Sue   style
and equally amazed how the qualities  of human empathy so common in hypersensitive children

who had been bullied ,abused and marginalized came in handy to Denny Pace handling the 2 or three New Way men who would need constant looking after in the weeks ,months -years to come

Denny took-advantage
 of  his victim-ish childhood and early adulthood writing online of his targeting by The Big Bad Men in Black Slacks he with the help of Art Dealer Reggie Gaskill had carefully taught him to denounce off handedly in painting after painter
His only problem was they had also hired 3  ( and God knew how many others) to their own account of Memfis Ohio
and one by one Denny decided he would take care of any born in the same "Cluster Puck " of Swirling Vermin trying to corner what Denny long ago decided was  to be his and his alone .

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