Monday, December 5, 2016

There is of course concern that those "app-ed" with Merge Bio Techno will become addicted to it's capacity to enhance their senses and reality
And in it's research and development phase much data was collected to understand he type of pathology in an individual that treats the tool as a game 
fully aware-that in spite of the novelty of the commutation device 
is not a game 
However the person it is being used on is 
The computer and what the. Subject is lead to believe might save him 
Is equally 
A game 
Or years ago I would have been 
I wonder now if it would matter if -it-stopped 
I believe very much it might make things scarier 
So much -when you least expect it-has been
communicated to me both via the apparatus and those who signal me with poked out eyes ,slit throat gestures in my neighborhood 
In 2011 these threats were more re elaborate..would it matter if I elaborated on them 
Or only make less believed.,l ,maybe this is just a journal written for me 
Not evidence not documentation 
Not anything but a means of gearing myself up to 
bow out ..and not with dignity or grace .,but also not with 
The type of Go,ER Pyle ..ahh shucks ..
My team seems to want me to spin this ramble into ..

There are t enough drugs to take to block this
and I find myself only wanting to block it
knowing -and temporarily not caring that I am injuring my Brai. Throat mouth and who knows what to for a time at least 
be exactly the nothing but ectoplasm 
they think OD people they do this to 
what should I do to at least for a few moments not 
feel owned..not feel captured.?

It's a combination of neuroleptic a seroquel
Street drugs
Another reason I go to extremes to basically flatli e through this 
Is fear.
I am scared always 
Scared of writing ..
scared of the technology and those who more and more use it to 

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