Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Story

The Mandlers don't like me
They want me dead.
I want me dead.
I write things I never have before.
I know as much about -this - as I did when it began..

I am human trash to them
the drugs I suck on make me gag.make my palate crack..
but so does the EMF or whatever they use to do these things
and things
24 hours a day .
but the drugs ..make you STOP ..think about what you are -doing
what u are writing.
It wasn't supposed to be written like -this..
and THIS is my fault.
but I think it is also -my cause
to write it
Two..three ..four ways
to make people think -or at least make me think about
.reason-for stories..
.? The reason so many stories are on the TV ..
and just who

or what ..
If you believe me at all
believe THIS
what is feeding TV writers..young adult writers -the stories
they (we) tell you?..

I am not a good man
or a bad man ..but not an Everyman either
I was raised only to do what I am doing ..
to "go" with the presumed technological advances -or not ..
I am not sure ..
the "programs" some kids all over the place were(are) in seemed to start and stop ..
and than begin again ..
bits and pieces of what came before -the stuff -change agents- make sure is presented as
conspiracy theory ..
"I Twas Raised to be but a Puppet Sex Slave for the Prime Minister's Hybrid Alien Cousin "
and shite such as Dis. all be a bit true and a wee bit more fabricated to seem as Mini Series as possible
and this is not good..
and because I won't "do it" -write like that-
to me ( who don't matter to "Mandlers"
is (to me ) the ONLY good thing about me

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