Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mind Mapping Redundancy and Cynicism

I focus on the Denny Pace
Of it all
The skittish weak one
and try to understand
why he obeyed for so long
certainly according to the files I read before shredding the files
he understood enough of what was being done aside from the Happy Talk
of the brain entrainment to understand -A Netter Man - augmented toward mind decoding g would have killed himself years ago
Between renditions meant to I tangle him in reason after reason the testing was being do e
According to his Neural Reads  he understood very clearly the Main.Reason his mind was being mined was so types lime him could be identified in only minutes by common place surveillance methods regarding response to a  pop a Urban Lifestyle billboard.

I focus  on Denny Pace
Who like all Proxy had their mind modulated to a Hz ,pulse and frequency to cause aspects of hypergraphia
the Imbue of data to instill a heightened sense of importance and the need to "spread the word' of the so many words ,ideas and he was expected to process
unfortunately did not and could not  stop well after the interfaced information he was
Given ended
As the excitation of neurons needed for this 'project" continued well after the  remote kindling required to duel  the part's of Denny Pace's brain responsible for speech stayed lit  for hours after 'his team' of neural engineers
and although Denny was told he was not to write without his Me tors steering content
there was little else Denny found he could do ,nor think about
More often than not Denny's thoughts were against the "Manders"
but even more than that his mind still heightened his thoughts he been instructed not to let turn inwards
turned outward at his surroundings
and toward Ben one of many me. he had heard were called Handlers
And more and more towards the odd terms of his arrangement to be little more than a disc player.
His team had explained to him his time away. from the keyboard was to glean as much as could from the T. V might help him u understand some of  the realities of Everyday Living
As for partaking of these Every Day Livings he watched on the screen
Denny was told that  as the testing took place. As he became more familiar with the standardized role place and recurring relational and conversational models of TV
Proxy Cyber would begin introducing him to variations of types his neural reads found most interesting.
Likewise the ever running A.I. System that gauged his vexations and misunderstanding of social conversational models of behavior would begin to effect changes in his day to day interaction with those in and around his neighborhood.
Denny was told and to,d often that his participation in the New Way would many who were autistic learn  how one,even lime himself could  learn to adapt to the complexities and subtleties of community

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