Monday, December 5, 2016

Cole L. Cohen -The Memfis Ohio City Paper

I compromise
Or they do
but not before they surmised
That I was going to cut my calf
Rather than shave my head
-I'm THAT vain is the jist..and something that will be weaved into my night terror
and some such shit
I call a bud who stays up late and always has the poison
I swear there's not a hint of cocaine in it
But there's something in it that makes you cagey and paranoid
And therefore more often than not
Kinda have to buy a bag of Diesel to go with it
That crack literally tastes lime poison
This town is lousy with lousy drugs
but what else is Proxy supposed to do and my buddy surmise maybe the shit we smoke is speed
but it's probably just poison ..
but it does do something to you
Mandlers hate when u smoke weed
All we're gonna cut your fuckin ears off..than your nose..than remove your eyes
..crack even when it has a hint of coke in it is fine
In fact encouraged
Heroin ..oh boy
You get hell for that
but you say fuck you Mandlers
On that one
And trust me you learned your lesson about weaning off it
They tossed me I. A god damn rehab
 last year ..but I swear some spook - pal-ed up lime a dealer put glass (and we're not talking crystal ) in the bag
To teach me some lesson
All Mandlers do is teach you lessons
And guess who had to pay for the damn rehab
Cuz my  associates' i.e family members
Types TOOk me to fancy place cuz I was too sick to say
Yeah I had to pay that damn place
and u wouldn't believe how much
I ran off after 5 days
they called it goj g AWOL
That's what the little tag on my cloths I picked up like a week later said AWOL
what a racket
what a bunch of ..

..some how I began writing the wrong stuff
And Mandlers are lime THIS iS why you need to THINK
And not just do ,say or write or draw or do anything you want
I don't draw or paint any more
The best painting I ever did in my opinion was basically my last
Stupidly I wrote the words "Comcast Cares " in it
and right after that
I was invited back to L.A..
It's ok to write this ..know why? Because it is self agrandizei g
and people hate that
In fact it makes whatever I say seem even more unbelievable cuz
Of the "what makes u so importnat people would target u factor"

There's like so e theorem or something to predictive behavior of would be readers of my
Look what USA did to me
USA so tuff
So mean
mean enuf to come to your country and kill your babies and rape your women
and put naked men in pyramids

..that stuff wasn't leaked man
if it was all the TV stations and magazines that printed those images
So what they fuck is going on here..
When USA wants everyone to know how brutal..and monsters we are
While showing all it's own citizens those dumb ass Sonic commercial for hamburgers more poisonous than this crack

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