Sunday, December 4, 2016

Several things are going on
With me being one of the many many many round the world
with a 'cache' of 700 or more 'friends' ever deducted as receiving a TI's post as
As the years go by. TI mistakenly -though predictably
Begins befriending both genuine TIs and the many many more faux TI
Egging the other TIs onward and upward the meaning disappearing scroll that is the social media
in terms of gauging how information is dispersed and how if 'the program"of targeting more and more citizens with the weapons I write of
effect  a wider demophraphic how (or more precise show not) their SOS to the endless sea that is is "see me"
of social media would matter (or more precise snot matter ) as it pertains to the ( and who can blame one) de -friending of people in ones circle of online 'society'
except as one's sharing of the circumstances is recived by those who are fellow (not quite ,as most would be TI are created by those creating the various sites ,blogs discussion forums) Targett Individuals who know only too well how useless their sharing their information -most often gleaned by the Linited Hangout - pre packaged ( as conspiracy theory) sites that lace the "alt media "in endless WordPress -Ready to Wear-dispersed information declassified Info War  prattle infact created to make direct energy weapons ,Neuro Weapons read as TRUE as a 3 dollar Bill 

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