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Project Soul Catcher and "The New Way"

"The Big Littles One " Layla said ,rubbing her neck

 lifting her glass of vodka , smart enough to lower her voice ,"

Even Kate lowered her voice
when she spoke about that horrible night
in that horrible theater
that seemed all the more horrible because it had been so modernized
so much care taken to make it have the modern feel of that safe old modern feel one gets when watched old movies from the 1960's that made the computers not just blink in Christmas light
pinks and blues
but also tone
themselves with the most safe lilting electronic

the movies
where everyone was dressed in fanciful sleek pants suits -deliberately absurd.
the dialogue too deliberately maudlin

 Layla too had signed some type of confidentiality agreement
these people meant business
the type of business where only the bottom line mattered and anyone
"out of line"
somehow might be found at the bottom of some ravine
at the bottom of the sea
3 of the 7 women who had filed a class action law suit died
in such a way
all within 5 weeks of one another
the children taken by "the state of things" where nobody asked.

 those few film critics
the ones allowed to talk about it at all.
Layla watched the computer in those weeks following The Big Little Experience
in a manner she pictures men with corn flakes stuck in their beard ,tin foil hats upon their heads might troll the internet looking for new or UFO abductions
and chemtrails
posts went up and post went down
a certain film critic in Scotland who claimed he had been one of the coordinators of the 'event'
wrote "it was meant to be
 one of the scariest films ever made.
and that even if the children didn't "get it" ...they got it . In ways that remain to be fully understood.
we think
and we hoped .
I hoped at the time
now I hope
somehow it meant nothing...

the post was taken down
a down later
other posts began going up that read suspiciously to Layla
as damage control
a few best and brightest type sociologists and child psychologist
saying the experiment had failed
"so much smoke and mirror much time and money down the drain..'

it was after the incident with "The babysitter's Boyfriend"
that Denny began not responding to Layla
not making eye contact
banging his head against his small mattress
and ricking back and forth

right after the Big Little Experiment Denny never stopped holding Layla
cuddling his small body into her arms
like he had never quite did before
Layla had never felt closer to Denny
there was a bond now that Layla worried
was not quite what she could offer...

it was the fear Layla knew
of that horrible movie
this new bond
and -wasn't this what the movie was for?
isn't that what they experts on child development wanted ?

it was 'The Baby sitter's Boyfriend"who had done something to Denny
Layla was sure

but still
she knew  it must have had something to do with that film

that triggered Denny
to be what he was now -or wasn't now
but like the researchers said it was too early to tell

and the fear meted out on screen had been purposed to incite what the man who spoke to the audience before the film began
 a ONE TIME but everlasting
the children
to "The Big Littles' "experience" make them fearless... solid
saner than most stronger than most

There was something safe about the entire experiment
it seemed
everyone was familiar with Parasol Pictures. Nothing unsafe could come from such a well known brand
and The New Way foundation ...Neuronatuics involvement in the film's financing
 was controversial
but in an amusing way ...
there was something amusing and not scary about Neuronautics and it's founder Gary Rainy
a self help movement that had somehow taken off because people could be easily "duped"
Layla had thought
her husband has been persuaded to join Neuronautics
at work .at Proxy Cyber
because he explained to Layla Neuronautics was really nothing more than a glorified Rotary Club for him to make business and social connection
and Layla ,at first had been glad that Patrick had found something
"spiritual" and life affirming at first
At first there was a glow in Patrick's eye thanks to his Census Sessions that seemed to
make Patrick lighter than air
"all the small things and all the big things" he had told Layla that had ever happened to him
were now
so easy to file in his mind..away and somewhere safe.
He was free only in few months and only for a few dollars
and "Please would Layla" join him and Join Us..

Layla had been kind saying
she had all she needed in him and Denny and was glad Patrick had found something
but Layla didn't need

that very night something changed in Patrick toward her
as if she had failed a test nobody had told her to study for..

             Layla knew very little about Neuronautics but what she had seen on TV and in the news
Layla always  wondered
                      why had this odd group
                               was   allowed to have their own schools...and raise their child their own way
                                       and how the group had  been" allowed" to thrive
when other such "movements"
would have been fried to the ground
Waco ,MOVE..Jonestown...
even the ...

'Layla are you there? Kate asked.
and Layla knew that she wasn't
she never was
 when she recalled
that night at the movies.
.............why was it shown  at night- anyway?
                       a children's movie
                                 even an  experimental a movie house that makes it seem neither day nor night
what other preparations had gone into 'The Big Little Experience ' she did not know?

were they all been  fed hallucinogenics ?  Had hallucinogenics been somehow piped into the air vents?
Or was it -JUST- what the researcher's had told them before them film began?

in that  specially re-equipped  theater
 stocked with more scopes and scans and control booths
than a planetarium.


  •    Psychotronics..

  • The Frey Effect

  • straight to cortex TV

words .now words
that  stuck in Layla's  mind
all the   reading she did online to understand .
.reading she did
research she did
 on line and off that  Layla had a feeling she should not have sought out
but after Denny folded into himself
his eyes dead.
she needed to know who or what  was responsible

besides if anyone was watching Layla "break whatever " rules
Whose Rules? were they
Maybe only by searching
someone see "go out of there  way " to
 to come  her door
to explain what had happened at that theater.

but nobody did.
not now not later

(o. but this is not so.
but the search.
was not to help her..but to hurt her keep her mouth shut ..)


The Men in Black Slacks
had the Look of Men in the programs
the actors in the programs
that when you saw them on tv ..even if they were not speaking too pretty actors  playing co workers..but not so pretty ..or pretty in that way -we according to TV see as victims ..or whore...
the men in black slacks
needed to not be speaking to women who wore their hair in such a way with suits ...serious suits to 'talk patter"
with their co worker who had to be put in their place for his archaic sexism .
seen only in TV.

for Layla to know
she must listen and be scared.
for they looked like the serious agent types on TNT and AMC and CBS
but were not smiling
They were good looking
and tall
and there looks were part of their uniform

because outside the Tv screen
in black slacks
with out smiles
but moving around almost like real people
a double image that was discordant was the evoked potential
that was deliberate

in the movie theater
and than went up
a sound sort of like an alarm ...sort of like a tone used for hearing tests played

and somehow
everything ..and everyone .
all the mothers with their sons and daughters on their laps
were serious
all the mothers who had agreed for reasons concerning "the state of things" had come to the theater and signed the forms
Layla somehow sensed she was not the only one who had now wished she had not come to the theater
but knew
or sensed as well if she tried to get up and out of the packed theater
she would not be allowed to leave
there was something about the tone that followed the sound of a car alarm
that somehow said this.
Layla no longer heard the tone
but somehow she knew it was still playing
Layla looked down at Denny ,her child and saw that he too was somehow hearing something to.
but Denny seemed to 'take the tone somehow so low of high could not be heard.
Denny seemed to take it differently
than her
like if she tapped him on the shoulder ..she would be interrupting
Layla risks quickly looking back and forth at the other mothers and saw the same look on the mother's faces of wanting OUT
but the same look of IN
on the children's faces
Layla was thankful the lights blinked on and off again
to be told
what would happen next
what to do
in this odd situation
by men who looked like movie actors in black

The Movie will begin after we all hear a few thank you all for comings
a pretty woman said
not to pretty.
and older than the mothers.

Layla's automatic sense of self comparison was un armed
Layla for a moment wondered if others..thought this way
or if she was "sick" in this type of thinking..
but the thought of "being sick" for thinking in this way was new to Layla
it was not a word she would use
in her own head
to describe this annoying thought..
it seemed that the woman in front of the movie screen stayed where she was long enough
for Layla to consider
this..and next
the mayor of the town
said a few words
" "The Big Littles" is something of an experimental Social Engineering project  to induce a type of Ritualized Trauma upon the "youngins" so IN CASE any TRUE HORROR comes about the children will be ready for it..and NO CHILD or PARENT may LEAVE THE THEATER..that loud screaming ,crying and a few "potty pants" or scratching about is not going to get anybody's sympathy.."

a tone

and the lights went out
and the screen lit up
with a nice looking older gentleman
named HAM
who is dressed in a shirt and tie
sitting in a brightly lit room
the camera pulls back and back to show as HAM speaks
he is being watched in room by a camera behind a two way mirror.

only for a moment does the audience see that men are watching  HAM
first through the mirror
than through tv monitors
the camera next waits
(the movie seems to wait Layla remembered thinking)

DOES THE AUDIENCE WANT TO SEE this man named HAM in handcuffs
Layla heard somehow.
but she did not hear words asking.

because there seemed to be TIME placed on hold
for consideration
-was the movie -on pause_ Layla remembered thinking
and than remembers suddenly getting very angry
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE UNTIL the MOVIES DECIDES if the next SHOT should show HAM'S hands in handcuffs
Layla 's last thought was of relief
that HAM's hands according to the movie were or weren't in handcuffs.
BOTH somehow it seemed to be decided
depending on what ONE EXPECTED
and the film moved forward

                               the character HAM
                                            saying directly to the audience
..that  it didn't matter if the story was told with animation
animation now is the world

 because the world had been destroyed

and that is why just this very ,very small amount of people Yes You have been asked into the theater
and can not leave
not yet not now
until we figure this out
and that is the  reason the doors have been closed and nobody may leave the theater is because THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE TO GO BACK TO
but do not worry
..everyone's soul
 has been collected

 and placed in celluloid like life forms that he

 Ham  controls.


..In a Paris Pant interview
the film maker said    the point of the"Big Littles " Experience  was that-
 he wanted all the children to know
 that even though
 the figures on screen appeared

as CGI or puppets or cartoons

 he wanted the children to understand
 that nonetheless

all the  figures were

in fact ALIVE
as alive as You and Me ..
but in the shape ..


recorded SOUL
 made into----- cartoon

the filmmaker wanted to induce in the child a sense of the disembodies SOUL
of true AFTER LIFE
that required no body
except as VESSEL

I had worked in a mental asylum some years ago .
we had begun using fMRI equipment to literally capture and encode the way a schizophrenic sees things in his minds eye..
how he dreams..
so we might use these images to in the near future place upon others
------------ Drs. who might better be able to treat a schizophrenic by knowing
                      how a patient with this kind of thought disorder saw the world
I had also worked with delusional
or perhaps not "so call-ed" abductees
who believed they had "made contact ' with other life forms ..alien to our won
who had said they were taken to a craft of somekind
where the collected consciousness
of a human these aliens had experimented upon
had been removed
from the abductees flesh
and placed in holographic like film
one dimensional
as to cage this soul
the one dimensional soul  kept flat like a mirror
could not move freely
but was hung upon a wall
like a painting
like a flat screen
but could feel and see and hear everything it had in it's own body
including pain
the abductee  could press a button and make the image and thus the captured living soul split into two or three or thousands of bits
and the captured soul would feel each tear..each pixel of himself scream in agony without end

and that was what I wanted the audience to experience
only briefly
with end
but I wanted the audience to know "the end" depended on this character HAM  entirely
based upon how one thought at any given moment throughout the film

the idea was to use "idea'
wordless thought
 all I have just said
as a Mind to Mind ..Machine to Mind "ideology"
everyone in the audience would simply know
was "The New Way"

and that every character ..every grain of scenery and cloud and frame was made of SOULS turned into for lack of a better word celluloid.
before the action began

that  each representation of  life form on the  screen be it  a smiling crab or jelly bean
was imbued
not just by a cinematographer
but something new "A Soul Catcher"
that saved and allotted  the neural data of a human being
including their feeling of pain
and time
and fear
"A New Way"

...for instance  ,Ham  said to the audience
I will make a
the Rhino Tiger
 that will bite  the head off the Forest Ranger..
at the 50 minute mark of this film
although the forest ranger looks like cartoon

do not be fooled

this carton of  forest ranger is the vessel of this real life forest ranger's  entire soul
and than placed  on tape ,on digital
his brain emulated
it it's entire-ity
every remembrance...every breath he ever took
with the cartoon representation of HIM
in the film that will soon mesmerize you
a living film
made of pure soul
 literally etched into every limited  copy of this film

'And your point being Layla?" Kate asked,at MILF Bar

"My point being is that I don't understand why or how this is material for children  Even if  ,as they say  IF the film was made by the Institute for Children's Mental Progression to make our children stronger and more resilient "Layla said ,keeping her voice down

" You don't understand why animation ...and a story about children wanting special living organism like pets is material for children.
..Or you don't understand that children by nature FEAR everything ..and their FEARS being emoted upon the screen  will help an entire generation be maybe some way we do not yet understand....Oh, I know Layla you think I am saying that because "The Big Littles " were written and produced in part by Neuronautics..
but don't forget that even ven your Denny who is afraid of the Moon following him in the  car is not afraid of The Big Littles ..know why is that...Maybe because Denny sees that "The Big Littles" are controlled absolutely not just by Ham ,their maker but many, many regulators who mad sure Ham never gets  again gets carried away
 ..and that Damien and Adrien and those 4 little freak things they live with are controlled by not just Ham.
 Ham ,who  has been placed behind bars and  only gets control the his six remaining organically engineered life forms that  are less than a meter high and have chips in their head....Maybe kids like knowing that Order has been restored ...All the wildness of anything goes had been played out in The Big Littles One...parents killed
 faces of old men ripped off by Sea monkey Swarms.
.Yes the children in the theaters were terrified...but now? how calmed they are now

"I still have the scars on my neck from Denny 's nails " Layla said to Kate ..

And in a moment of true "girl bonding" Kate showed Layla the fingers scars on her neck from Harper.

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