Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The 8th Floor Social Network /The Book of Numbers

On the 8th Floor of The 8th Floor Social Media Tru Christie sat studying what he called THE BOOK OF NUMBERS a daily accounting (typed on type writers by actual typists) of the activity of those who used the service to tell Tru Chrisite and others "Vhat is on their Mind"...
'VEEE ave ' vays of Making you type" Tru Christie had told stockholders who doubted anyone would begin using the Census people still made Census taker jokes back than
Tru assured the stockholder ....that
the whole------ talk talk talk share share share sh*t introduced into the mind set of the American public in the 90's had helped change "the style of the times " and trained ' THEM'
to begin thinking in such a way ...but Tru admitted there was no hard evidence of this completely new collective shift in human behavior

Back than you could not Sqeak back to TV such needed "neural" data..
The BOOK OF NUMBERS was divided into 2 sections concerning WHO would be classified /categorized as "the type" redundant or repugnant to THE NEW WAY..
. and perhaps ?
Oh indeed
by the 30 new Ace Based Lesson -ry that Proxy Cyber had rocketed just last week up ,up ,up and past the earth's apogee.
The Ace Based Lesson-ry sitting on top of the world could aim shoot and spire a bolt of Direct Energy Rightening super compuuuutah' fast and furious
and accurate at the redundancies of ectoplasm taking up "the right people's parking spots
The Book of Numbers showed Tru Christie in chartings WHOM exactly amongst us posted discrepancy about THIS and THAT and THIS again..
and more to the point of --THOSE who could care less about their POSTS taking over another's FAIR SPACE on the site.
Tru Christie had specially designed the 8th Floor Social Media site to display postings not only on the participant's own page but upon others for this very reason .
everything was a test at the 8th Floor Media
a profile
an audit of Thought Style and patterns of response
to this and that and this again
This type who cared little about FAIR SPACE on the site
according to The New Way demonstrated numerically and scientifically exactly THE TYPE who would "take up too much air and patience ' of others
left behind
and surely should and would not BE ALLOWED to co-habitat with the more hospitable types
after greatest rectification of the overpopulation problem since The Great Flood.

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