Monday, November 16, 2015

When Police Chief Deets handed over the phone Beau Bromel head of the Office of Interior Intent  asked Deets if he had watched the video on Glen's phone
 Deets ,who had watched the video
  said no.
 Deets was unaware  that Beau Bromel was wearing a body cam on his person or specifically a mini camera inside his  baseball cap with the letter O.I.I .on it 's front panel
 Deets was also unaware  that the mini camera was especially made to work with facial expression and pupil scanning software to detect untruths.
 When Beau accepted Deets' word that  he had not watched the video on Glen's phone  Chief Deets thought that was the end of it.
 Deets couldn't quite make up his mind whether to investigate the content of video as it would mean investigating his own police department .
 One question Deets couldn't help but ask himself was why most of the police officers chosen both to play protesters and also investigate the crimes the protesters supposedly carried out were the least reliable ,lest amiable ,least organized officers in the force.
 The policemen asked to "play " with the outside agency were the officers with the most demerits  ,most drug and alcohol problems and worst records of police brutality--- none of the finest had been placed "in the loop"
 It would not be for long that Chief Deets could think this way about his fellow police officers
 without reappraisal
 but- for the time Deets allowed his mind to wander
  Deets ,off the Mall St. case had very little to do  but let his mind wander
 and was thankful for the focus
 Deets thought the  coffee his lieutenant brought him might help him regain.
 Deets was un aware that the coffee had been spiked with the Merge bio tech that the pretty "gal" from the private security firm had spoke about using on dissidents- to survey a person not from without but from within their  brain and nervous system
 nor did Deets  realize that with the bio tech spike
  more often than not
 a hallucinogenic was also given to the target as to confound the target
 and  the  doctors
who no doubt would believe anyone claiming they had begun hearing or seeing things
had not been "app-ed"
but had simply - lost their mind
 The reason for this was 2 fold
.The biotech testing was illegal and the company needed to cover itself by discrediting those  tagged
 with a diagnosis of  drug addiction ,mental illness or both
 Also the incited madness allowed the subject's  Handlers via Interface to "save the target" from  chemical induced insanity as to create a bond with the target that would nor could ever go away completely.
 According to the gal from Proxycybernetics the biotech took 2 or three days to bind to one's neural tissue
and  a week to begin decoding one's thoughts and another week to "talk back" to one's thoughts via a brain to computer interface
 ""The New Way" of surveillance that  Memphis Ohio should be proud to research and develop Brain link technology ,' the woman from ProxyCyber had said"  which was a Hand's Off Non Lethal alternative .. ,we tried using tattoos on  people but they  had a way of destroying the filaments once the interface went both ways ..everyone is going sub dermal now ," the gal had said holding up a very small vial that she said contained several hundred  million sensors "they might look little but their impact is beyond imagination. Once a few thousand of these get inside you
..every thought*, every perception, every memory, every secret will be relayed ,broadcast and  scrutinized by Merge Proxy Cyber for Psycho Correction and more to the point Psycho Detection

 Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of California, San Francisco-Mesgarani N1, Cheung C, Johnson K, Chang EF.
During speech perception, linguistic elements such as consonants and vowels are extracted from a complex acoustic speech signal. The superior temporal gyrus (STG) participates in high-order auditory processing of speech, but how it encodes phonetic information is poorly understood. We used high-density direct cortical surface recordings in humans while they listened to natural, continuous speech to reveal the STG representation of the entire English

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