Saturday, November 21, 2015

(part 3) Why Neuronautics Matters (1983)

When a lessor accepts their place in the social structure unfettered by the false notions that their Bettors are corrupt and their objective  to manage those lessor on The scale of Human Evolvement  in terms of social control the lessor realizes his true intrinsic spirit what we in Neuronautics call one's Emitttance is in fact geared to serve their Bettors .And we notice the Lessor finds himself or herself somehow more comfortable in his or her skin.  The Lessor is unbridled by false notions that their worth is as important as their Bettors and thus their anxieties that they do not measure up to those burdened with managing their lot in life is a relief. Roustabouts and detractors of a social system that had been carefully constructed to relieve the anxieties of the Lessors for thousands of years concerning  their Lessor  role  and Lessor  value as "human organism "deliberately attempted to disquiet the Lessors unsaid understanding that indeed serving a Bettor humbly and without  malice ,envy or certainly the absurd notion that they , a Lessor are of equal status or merit as a Bettor played up to whatever fleeting thoughts or feelings a lessor had not necessarily against their Bettors but whatever previously allotted symbol of  causation ( a living God) the Bettors had allowed the Lessor to turn to and "reckon with" to appease their "grudge "against their position on what we in Neuronautics call The Scale Of Human Evolvement. I believe the dissidents and subversive to the social structure in the 1960's purposely decided to unhinge the Lessors most base and degenerate qualities when these pundits and  counter culture "types "chose to incite the Lessors with dangerous ideologies that Lessors are somehow equal to their Bettors.

Neuronautics is not like other so called self help groups that only function to purposely prime a member of such services to falsely feel that their own worth as a person is much more than it is in terms of the actual reality of the place in the social structure.  Neuronautics ,while considered by many to be a self actualization resource is all about what type of genuine actualization the Lessor needs in their Personhood .The understanding and indeed the acceptance and all that goes with such acceptance that the "I" in me is in fact the quality that hinders the satisfaction of serving one's place as a collective inherently created to serve their Bettors. That it is the ego that is responsible for most social ills.
Neuronautics wishes to re -educate the Lessor not to besmirch their bettors who might display an extravagant  lifestyle  and perhaps a veneer that is often misconstrued as  lack of compassion of course needs and deserves certain liberties and much leeway concerning their ' Beingship ' as of course Bettors are outside the man made laws meant only for Lessors who might otherwise be lost without such regulation . Certainly one who must  take on the responsibilities of governing and influencing Lessors deserves compensation for this divined duty .

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  1. I live yet am already dead - Cotard's Syndrome. I am no longer a lesser or better. I am abandoned. Because of all we've seen - because of all we said: WE ARE THE DEAD.