Monday, November 23, 2015

Now More Than Ever (Why Neuronautics Matters)

“When a Operating Tele-Presence realizes that the Proxy cannot be forced to reach the threshold of being or being perceived as a danger to others, the OT has a choice to leave the ward without tether. Neuronautics embraces the challenge of dealing with subjects that cannot be easily swayed to play their role .Often it is not enough to intervene upon the Proxy's mind alone especially when the Proxy believes their is no" tie in" with their "heads up" display of threat as having no "real life" consequences concerning their physical well being. Often the use of direct energy aimed at the ward's physiology disaffects the Proxy ,as injury to the subject's neural tissue is cumulative. As other OTs have indicated, if we leave the Proxy go, inevitably the subject will still write negatively about their experience with the program and we will be forced to come back and begin from scratch."

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