Saturday, November 14, 2015

March on Mall St

It was as if it was scripted

the occurrence
....the perpetrators were dressed in the same masks some of the March on Mall St marchers wore two weeks ago
to protest the doings of Curtis Kurtz CEO of the Memphis Ohio Bank
to protest the closing of the Memphis Ohio Mall
"They killed Kenny"
I heard Glen shout watching Kenny fall
But there was a smile on Kenny's face going down
In High School Kenny had said it would be worth dying violently
If someone could somehow sneak that line in before he perished
Luckily Glenn was right next to Glenn when the bullets hit and caught the whole thing on his phone
Also he caught Kenny on the ground
right before he died
filmed Kenny as he first placed his hand over his one eye
than making a triangle with his hands Kenny had began making after he saw several rappers use the gesture at Illuminate Music Awards
next Kenny made a gesture with his hand
he had seen several actors make at the Illuminate TV Awards
Kenny's pinky and index finger only showing
to imply
Kenny followed it all up with a. complete shudder of his legs
they had seen Kenny use (and use and use) every time he got drunk)
The Benedict Arnold bit he was asked to play in Mrs.Labtree's 3 rd grade show
Mrs Labtree's had scolded Kenny before opening night
when the parents would be there " do not do that silly 'I am dying-watch how I die" thing
But Kenny did anyway
Glenn showed me Kenny's footage on his phone
Long after Kenny had been taken away like the others who had been shot
I ever understood what those silly hand gestures were that Kenny did
but the final shudder ..which must have taken all of Kenny's strength
Glenn said "this baby is gonna go viral bitch"
I looked at the footage on the phone again wondering
how great an idea it
Might not be
for Glenn tp post so soon after the shootings
" it would have been what Kenny wanted" I reminded myself
Glenn said would have to edit the video
Especially the part where Kenny seems to recognize one of the shooters
" Mr Cairo?"
You hear Kenny say
Mr Cairo was our shop teachers in High School and head the Memphis Ohio Volunteer Fire Department
The last guy on earth you'd think would be in a March on Mall St rally

Wearing a "h for how dumb you think we is" mask
From Parasol Pictures
version the graphic novel of " H is for How Dumb you Think We Is"
Starring Adam Parker
Me and a Glenn were watching the video on Glenn's phone
when the chief of police walked over
"I'm gonna need to take that phone" the chief said , "might contain some evidence"
Glenn had no choice but to hand over the phone to the chief
but not before he had sent the video to his cousin Bette overseas 

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