Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gel 2011

Of all my Mandlers it is EVAN Rainy I most gel with
in fact "are you geling. Is the first words I heard when EVAN entered my life
just six days after the nano sh*t entered my dendrites
"gel in' like a felon"I recall thinking myself..thinking how odd it was that ...all it took..was the introduction of the question "are u gelling?"
to "get me " to finish up the phrase .
A phrase that meant nothing..means nothing really
That has nonetheless gotten in our collective consciousness
"now I understand ,"
the voice seemingly from nowhere - said unto me
"Why they tagged you... "Jewie Thinking"
The voice I would later be told was to be my Mentor -,EVAN Rainy..a level 6 At "The Church of Neuronology"
"Jewie Thinking." I said to myself , offended , for I am of Jewish descent"
"it's a turn of phrase the turn of phrase "are u
gellin'..., Jewie Thinking" it means intellectualizing is .a "Thinking Style Disorder " the Voice says. "That can be cured with what we call A Direct Neural Interface.."
I had been laying down..having a think..
for I had been painting a bit of art for a client
who said she liked everything about the painting but the colors. And"could I take some of the blue out fact could I make the piece look tougher,black and white"
the potential buyer..had texted under the JPEG of the work in progress I had already been paid half to create..
"tagged me?" I thought,what does that mean be tagged
"oh don't worry'll learn soon enough what we be talkin' bout --you being tagged.." The voice said
And all I could think was how did this seemingly different "voice" than my own. That also seemed to think different than me get in my head?
Was this what I had been waiting for ..?
was this what it meant . To commune with "The Entity" that Gary Rainy had written about .
I had gone back to LA
To paint ..and also to take Neuronautics courses ..again

"It was a good way to make connections
Like the Rotary Club .".I told my friends who thought maybe I should not get involved with "those people"
I was raised by " those people"
According to my various foster parents ,I was Jewish. Yes
But Neuronautics was all I had been taught,,for every Foster parent ,every foster family who took me in were practicing Neuronauts-
I had taken many courses..
But after a falling out with my last foster dad
Concerning The Church"
I decided from now more of anything to do with
Anything concerning
My past..

I sit up higher on the bed ,my mind clear..of paintings...and " do overs " concerning the potential buyer wanting a tougher piece in her living room..
"Come back"I say aloud.
"It doesn't work that way Little Man"I hear the voice say
now oddly aware thar"it" the Entity " ,can hear my thoughts.
Nonetheless I speak aloud "come back..I am gelling like a felon for you to reveal thyself"
"Now I see why they call you Dumbo" the voice says
"who calls me Dumbo" I say ,aloud ,aware I somehow do not have to speak aloud ever again to say anything..

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