Sunday, November 15, 2015

King Creole (day 834)

Adam Parker had not needed to memorize the script as the words he was to say came to him ,as if magically
 by interface
thank Gary Rainy! thought Parker
the ever changing script that director Andy Kubark had written for Parasol Picture's remake of "King Creole"  changed so often

In the remake of "King Creole " Danny Fisher does not sing
but orates  for the group that is to lead America out of the dark ages
out of  The Age of Self Will Run Riot"to the light age of A New  Idealism through Nationalism

Hanley had said during pre production
that the audience would have a difficult time sitting still and listening to Adam Parker/Danny Fisher  (a lapsed  Catholic turned Neuronaut)
 and asked the set designers to erect a huge ever changing screen of images to act as background/stage piece  behind Adam parker every time the scene was about speech making

the background video screen Andy Kubark insisted  be linked to real life audience members amongst the extras in the crowd scene who had agreed to wear electrodes under their King Creole hats to garner brain signals that could and would  work in tandem with the screen in back of Adam Parker to visibly display changes in audience interest via colors and ever shifting patterns

when the interest waned a small shift of the electro magnetic frequency was adjusted on set to alter
the mood of the room and according to Hanley's demand
this same parallax shift would be imposed upon the actual video /film as a unseen flicker
 frequency meant to help  the audience's mind focus
on "the slow parts"


                                                                           DANNY FISHER

                                       There is probably no other people in the world who have so developed the instinct of self preservation as "Them" .The best proof of this statement is found in the simple fact that this race still exists.
Where can another people be found that in the course of the last two thousand years  who has undergone so few changes in mental outlook and character as "Them.

 And yet what other people has taken such a constant part in the great revolutions?
 But even after having passed through the most gigantic catastrophes that have overwhelmed mankind "Them' remain the same as ever .
What an infinitely tenacious will to live ,to preserve THEIR kind and thus their ideology is demonstrated by that fact.

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