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Human Rights Watch: "Ukraine, Syria: Incendiary Weapons ... › human-rights-wa...
Nov 15, 2014 - (Human Rights Watch) Geneva – Evidence of the use of ... Victims who survive often suffer long-term physical and psychological damage due to extensive scarring and disfigurement.

What they do
To the human face
With direct energy
Aimed squarely
At specific nerves
And glands meant to excite the calcium ions
The human growth hormone
Is not punishment
Nor torture
It's just another device
Another aspect of re patterning your biological system

We will always bring you. Back

To the process
We will never give up on you

If it feels disturbing

The face thing
This is about getting rid of your mask

And breaking down all boundaries
That get in the way
Of you getting in the way of yourself

Should n't someone's outsides reflect their insides

We always bring you back

This is about human evolvement
And push

And the pull of letting
your team
The gang
The community
read you
As your Tele-Presense
Has read you
Isn't the human face supposed to be an indication?

We always bring you back

The reigns as some call it

The "face thing"
let's members of the group
Who  are out and in of your daily life

Know at a glance
What your
Inner self looks like
To those who decode your thoughts and reaction

We always bring you back

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